October 26, 2011

five dollar investment

Last fall, while on a rare solo trip to Lowe's, I found myself wondering outside playing "if I had a million dollars I would do X with my yard" when I saw a man working to move a small group of sad little trees. "These trees have just been marked down to $5 for anyone who wants them. I don't want to have to move them!" Uhh, me please! I right away laid claim to the least 'on the verge of dying' one I could pick out and left with a smile on my face. Luke helped me plant the poor sucker, and for a while, I wasn't sure if it would last. But this little sucker has shot up out of no where this spring/summer and is now producing the most beautiful foliage in my yard. In a neighborhood full of Oaks (beautiful trees but not known for their fall color) the little $5-tree-that-could provides some nice cheery fall color. Best five dollars I could have spent.

Happy $5 tree

October 21, 2011

first date

Thanks for coming over! Since we're just getting to know each other I'll keep this short. Everyone needs a little spot to share, brag, complain, contemplate and... all other kinds of good verbs. And what better subject(s) to do all that verbing (I tend to makeup words) than interior design, DIY projects and the occasional 'my crazy kids' story. Let's grab a drink and get to know each other.  (and I'll try my best to keep my excessive punctuation and icons in check)
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