November 30, 2011

who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?

I'm a fan of ribbon. I admire it in stores and dream about taking my ribbon over to Martha's house where we would drink hot chocolate, giggle and make crafty things. That dream is enough to get me to buy the ribbon but Martha has yet to invite me over, so it sits in a drawer untouched.

Christmas however is always a good excuse for a non-crafty person like myself to bring out the ribbon. Maybe its memories of my Grandma and the freakishly crafty bows she would put on our packages ( i did not inherit that bow gene) but Christmas always makes me think of ribbon.

So like an addict looking for a fix, I of course start Pinteresting (yes that can be a verb) different ways to use all this ribbon I have in some sort of Christmasy way.
Christmas and ribbon

martha  RIBBON!

Use wire-edged ribbon in any hues you desire as an easy, beautiful way to dress up your mantel or windows for the holidays. #Christmas #decor #decorations #DIY #ribbon #mantel.

I'm thinking that the mantel might be the way to go. I always have a hell of a time figuring out what to put on our mantel anytime of the year, let alone at Christmas. So I figure why not mix my mantel worries with my craft anxiety and my ribbon inferiority to make one big ball of holiday hysteria?! I swear I'm going to drive myself to drink.

Wish me luck! Any ideas - ribbon, mantel or otherwise?

Oh, and I'm almost done with my garage sale table. Update coming soon.

November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving

November 18, 2011

monkey monkey underpants

I'm having trouble focusing. I sat down on the floor for some good nine month old fun when all of the paints chips laying on my estate sale table catch my eye. (who am I kidding, those suckers follow me around everywhere.)

I think I've decided on a color but then I think about changing something next to the table which turns into changing out pillows which leads into possibly dying slipcovers which ends with new paint color for the walls thereby totally revising the color for the table which started the whole thing.

Here is my brain lately.

I'll try and calm my 'big bag of weird' by having some quality Pinterest time today and probably starting another project altogether. Any ideas on how to get over 'design' block?

November 11, 2011

i want to go to there

Let me clear my throat while I prepare for my best Rachel Zoe impression... Die.

I've been reading about this wonderful new store mecca C. Wonder for a few weeks now and I've decided to get a new piggy bank just for a trip to this store. When I go, I plan to spend hours there. Not only to drool over the interiors but also to lovingly pet all the wonderful clothes, housewares, jewelry. Oy! The best of all worlds in one fab place.
The wallpaper. The green trim. The bowls in the corner. Ba. nannas. Photo courtesy of

Pinned Image
I wanna get my door that glossy.

The November / December issue of Lonny has a great article about the store as well.
C. Wonder NYC
I will take pictures. I will rub walls and kiss bracelets. It will be embarrassing and I will love every moment. What wonderful Friday afternoon eye candy. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

(And thanks Liz Lemon for the post title)

November 10, 2011

damn you Ina

It is getting cold 'round these parts and the wind is picking up. We are full of coughs and runny noses. Fall is in the house. So this morning, while reading this post, I drooled over this picture.
Warm, caramely (is that a word?) apple goodness. I was still dreaming about it when I turned on Ina at lunch and what was she making? Apple Crisp. I took these as signs from the culinary gods that I needed to make some apple crisp. When Ina speaks, I listen.

I had made this recipe a few years ago at Christmas and it was a crowd pleaser. Syrup is the bacon of the dessert world, so anything with syrup is awesome (I did add a bit of Ina's flair though by adding some lemon and orange zest).  I also opt for one baking dish rather than ramekins. I love a cute ramekin as much as the next girl, but it sounds a lot better when you can say to yourself "I only had one big piece of apple crisp." rather than "I ate 4 ramekins of apple crisp."

Nice warm apple crisp, cozy slippers and a little Bravo. A good Thursday night.

November 8, 2011

unpainted arizona

I'm a sucker for a good estate sale. Saturday mornings I'm granted a few hours to run away, thanks husband, and quietly walk thru people's homes and look thru their stuff. Totally normal and not the least bit freaky, right? Not only can you find great stuff (sometimes) but the people watching is

My expectations are always low so I'm giddy when I find something. Nothing I'm taking to the Antique Roadshow, but some fun stuff.

I've been on the lookout for a side table for the living room that wasn't round, apparently I have a round table fetish, so I was happy to snag this one up for $15. And no, that isn't dust on that table, its someones sad attempt at sanding.

They got a bit further on the top of the table, but luckily for me, they gave up. Since this isn't some fab piece of craftsmanship (I would not be allowed in my parent's home if I painted a 'good' piece of furniture) I'm thinking I might do something fun like this.

Great table top by Hannah Kate Flora
Or maybe this.

Awesome dresser by Nick Olsen

Or even something like this.

Pinned Image
Via Pinterest
I keep you posted on what I decide.

I also scored some great little trays and two Hermes boxes. All for $8. "What cha gonna do with those old boxes?" said the old man when I handed over my money. Good question old man. Good question.

And a disclaimer regarding the post title. Not a day passes that I don't link at least a dozen thoughts in my head to movies. And I cannot think of painting furniture without thinking of Raising Arizona.  So you will often find references to movies in odd places when talking with me. I can't help it. It is just part of my problem charm.

So have you had any luck at garage sales lately? Any ideas on good paint color/options for my table? You can't answer me because you are off to rent Raising Arizona at Red Box aren't you? I thought so.

November 4, 2011

i can't sleep with you staring at me

I've long wanted sconces by our bed. It would free up some bedside table real estate and work toward that cozy master bedroom that I never seem to have time to create. While hardwired sconces were not in the budget, I set out to find an alternative that suited and scored a pair from Home Depot.

And while I'm happy with them, the shades were just...sad. I wanted to do something with them but was trying to practice some self control (very unusual) and hold off until I knew what I wanted to do with our bedroom.

Sarah Richardson's words are always replaying in my DVR mind, and I remembered a trick she used in one of her Farmhouse bedrooms. I went on the hunt for some cool ribbon (yes there is such a thing) and found this little honey.

Dark navy 'man ribbon' and I'm in love. With ribbon giddiness over taking me, I got to wrappin' (with ribbon, not rhymes. Although my rhymes are tight). The whole thing only took about 20 minutes and I only got tangled up once, okay maybe twice.

This is by no means Elle Decor worthy but it was a cheap and easy way to give a bit more life to those shades and ease into this new room plan. I'm working on my inspiration board this weekend and then
its time to 'get to gettin' on this room. What little tricks have you tried to perk up a space?
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