March 30, 2012

bathroom pop

I just realized after reading that title that it might sound a bit...disturbing. Eww. But I got your attention, didn't I?

The bedroom patching (and there is a lot of patching in a house with 65 year old plaster) is done and I'm ready to get my paint on. And just getting my painting supplies ready puts a bee in my bonnet to possibly paint my bathroom. I've got a whole damn hive in my bonnet these days, so what's one more bee, right?

We did the bathroom when I was 8.75 months pregnant with our first daughter and we have loved it just as it is for the past 4 1/2 years. But I'm ready for a refresh. Nothing huge, just a new paint color or something.

I love the green in Kate Spade's bathroom with all of the white tile and the black on the shower curtain. 
via Pinterest
Of course, Kate's green is a wonderful (and pricey) Scalamandre wallpaper but Benjamin Moore's Baby Fern would be close. 

Or, maybe the reverse. A graphic black and white combo with a pop of color would be fun. And really, doesn't everyone want to have fun in the bathroom?

Kate strikes again with this bathroom that was featured in House & Garden, October 2004. (no, Kate Spade is not sponsoring this post. I wish.)

via Pinterest
Something for me to think about while I paint...the bedroom. One room at a time girlfriend!

Do you ever get the urge to change a perfectly good room? Any rooms in your house that you're board with? 

Cheers to a good weekend!

March 29, 2012

guest post at first time Fancy

I'm over at first time Fancy today while Kerry is in the midst of a big move. Stop by and visit!

Happy Thursday!

March 28, 2012

take a seat part 3

As an old boss of mine used to say, "now we're cookin with steam!"

Momentum is gained and the train has left the station. (what other lameo phrases can I think of?)

A big thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I've decided to give this upholstery a try! I anticipate much frustration, lots of cussing and the occasional breakdown, but I'm ready. In the words of LL Cool J - I'm gonna knock you out!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Since my last progress report, I had my antique and furniture refinisher experts (my parents) look the couch over. And they confirmed what I had thought - this wood is not a staining kind of girl. Boo hoo. Black it is.

We took her outside and gave her a coat of primer. (Primer in background next to vintage LipSmaker found in part 2.)

God bless spray paint. Can you imagine trying to paint all that carving? Ugh. Sanding it was bad enough.

What? Your couches don't levitate over your recycle bin in your back yard?

I then got on the first coat of black before the wind picked up. And its stayed a bit too windy for my liking (which is actually rather odd for this area. Hmmm, maybe it was mother nature encouraging me to loaf instead of work!). But this weekend is supposed to be perfect, so she'll get her second coat of black and then the real work begins.

The fabric has been purchased and is exactly what I wanted. A perfect, neutral linen for the girl who changes color schemes once a quarter. (that's me in case you didn't know.)

So this weekend - Commence to start! (one of my favorite lines from Father of the Bride 2. Stop laughing, it was a funny parts.)

The plan is to do one panel, and then re-evaluate. Making sure its turning out well and I'm not just wasting good fabric by butchering it with my 'skills'.

This will be either really awesome, or really funny. Either way, I'll let you know.

March 26, 2012

got a light?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was a good one. We all survived spring break but I will say I was happy for a return to 'normal' this morning.

I was at Lowe's yesterday (surprise, surprise) and once again I couldn't pull the trigger and buy energy efficient bulbs.

Recycling, eating organic, buying locally, low VOC - I'll help mother earth out as much as the next girl. But when it comes to lighting, I'm a bit hardheaded. (ok, I'm really hardheaded about a lot of things, but I won't go there. not without drinks.)

via Restoration Hardware

I like mood lighting. I don't have a bulb in my house that's over 40 watts. We have recessed lighting (halogen) in a few rooms and we have dimmers everywhere we can. But with the government starting to shake me down, and phasing out regular bulbs over the next few years (yes, I am hoarding my 25 and 40 watt bulbs like I'm preparing for nuclear war), I'm realizing that I need to adapt to this wether I like it or not.

So Halogen, CFL, LED. What do you know? What do you use? What do you like?

March 21, 2012

dressed beds

Let's talk about your bed.

Now don't blush. I know we haven't known each other that long. But I'm interested.

Are you a white bed person?

via Better Homes and Gardens

Or do you like a little color while you sleep?

via Better Homes and Gardens

In pictures, I always seem to be drawn to a crisp, white fluffy bed.

via Lonny Magazine
via Somerset Bay

But in reality, I most often go for a bit of color (no surprise) when I pick out bedding. That of course might be influenced by the reality factor. Having a dog that spends much of her day in our bed makes me think twice about investing in any luscious white bedding. (especially during the rainy spring months when I often find muddy paw prints)

via Elle Decor
via Gus and Lula
via Domino Magazine
So which do you prefer? All white? Color and pattern? Or maybe a mix of both?

March 19, 2012

grass cloth without the grass cloth

As you all know I've been dragging my flip flops about a paint color for our bedroom for several weeks. And I know what you are thinking - OMG girl, its paint. What's the hold up? Just pick a color already.

Well, one of the reasons it took me so long to pick a color is that I haven't really wanted paint at all. My first choice would be grass cloth. Not only do I love it's texture and color(s)

via Style at Home (hand over your heart for Tommy Smythe's bedroom)

but I love the warmth it gives. And a bedroom, I think, deserves an extra layer of warmth. There is no room that should give you a bigger hug than your bedroom.

My husband/wallpaper hanging partner however, was not hip to the idea. In fact, there was a lot of "no way in hell dude." (dude is a term of endearment. yes it is.)

via LeSueur Interiors
My budget was also saying, "no way in hell dude".

I know when to take a hint, so I took my lemons and made some lemonade. Or my grass and made I'll stop there.

via Lonny Magazine
So paint it is. I pulled as many paint chips as I could and laid them out to start narrowing them down. I was starting to go cross-eyed when I (luckily) remembered a post Camila had written about a similar situation several months back. She landed on the color Desert Tan, by Benjamin Moore. I went thru my Benjamin Moore stack and there she was - my little Desert Tan.

Just the right kind of hug. A 'its great to see you old friend' kind of hug. Not a 'lingering, weird guy in a bar' hug. And I've got lots of blue, Morning Star by Pratt & Lambert left over from painting the ceiling in the girls room. So I'll use the rest of that on our ceiling as well.

Picked. Decided. Ready for action. I've already started patching the holes. I can now cross 'make progress on bedroom' off my list. What? Like you don't write evasive things on your list so you can have something to cross off?

The girls are lucky. If they were a few years older this would be a "let's help mom paint her bedroom" spring break. How early can you start child labor? I'll try to get a first coat on in between trips to the zoo, planting gardens and general merriment.

What do you have planned this week? Any big projects? Small projects? Fake projects that you put on the list just so you have something to cross off?

March 16, 2012

take a seat part 2

Happy Friday everyone!

When we last left our sad little settee she was moping in the garage, trying to suck in her gut and look a bit more attractive in the poor garage light. However I have no sympathy. I'm hard as nails I tell you. Someone needs to be honest - Sette, you are ugly.

But she's got a good personality (aka comfortable). And as anyone who has watched Can't Buy Me Love, She's Out Of Control or any o80s ugly duckling movie knows, settee's looks are nothing a day at the spa and a shopping spree montage can't fix.  Cue the montage music!

First spa treatment is piping removal (pretty similar to an eyebrow wax). This proved really easy as there were already a few spots that were frayed and just begging to be pulled. If only the whole project were this easy.

Next I dove into removing the fabric, and no fewer than 8,000 staples. Too bad there aren't any DIY projects on Pinterest using old upholstery staples. I'd rock that project out with my extensive supplies.

Even though I'm still on the fence about upholstering this myself or sending it out to a professional, I've read enough tutorials to know that its in my best interest to keep all pieces of fabric in tact so they can be used to make templates for the new fabric.

So we were very careful to keep all pieces in one piece

and label each piece so we (or the upholster) would know what goes were.

Finally I removed all the fabric and batting from the back and then took a shower. I knew this couch was old but...yuck. 

Proof of how gross we're talking here - these lovely treasures were found in the back behind the batting.

yes, that is a cigarette and vintage lip smackers

So now she is several pounds lighter, and her horrible nehru jacket is safe in a bag.

Settee, you already look better!

Next up - sanding and refinishing/painting. I think that's going to be an 11th hour decision.

What do you guys think - do you think I can tackle this upholstery job myself? Keep in mind, I've never upholstered anything. Ever. (But when has that stopped me before?) Anyone need some old school Lip Smacker for your collection?

March 15, 2012

a few clips of spring

Today I had a baby who wouldn't nap and a toddler jumping out of her skin. So we took advantage of the lovely spring weather to play in the yard.

This quickly turned into "let's pick flowers".

One small hitch in this plan though - flowers haven't bloomed in our yard yet (with the exception of some hyacinth that have already been man toddler-handled). After a discussion about why picking flowers out of our neighbors yard isn't really a good plan the crowd was starting to turn on me. I offered kick ball, bike riding, a walk, but no takers. It was all about the flowers damn it.

So with the natives getting restless and the screams getting louder, I improvised. I got out the clippers and cut off my ears. Just kidding. (I only considered that for a few minutes second)

We snipped a few branches off our pear tree.

And what does any 4-year-old (or 30-something) want to do with a bunch of cut flowers? Make a "boookay" of course. Amelia wanted to do her own arrangement, as all independent 4-year -olds do, so she got the milk glass and I stuck to the ginger jar. Finally a happy household.

And a bit of spring to brighten up the house.

Amelia ditched me and took her "boookay" into her room

Have you brought any flowers in from the yard yet? Is anyone else as excited for the peonies to come out as I am? I can smell them now!

March 12, 2012

lonny love

Is anyone else draggy today? Whoever came up with the idea of Daylight Savings obviously did not have kids. A sick joke is what it is really.

But on to happier things - like the latest issue of Lonny Magazine. Nothing makes me happier than sitting out in the warm sunshine with my laptop and ice tea reading it page by page. For those of you that follow me on Pinterest, you know I'm pinning this issue like a crazy woman.

I always find amazing things to add to my wish list, like this (which would look great in my bedroom)

BeeLine Home via Lonny Magazine

and this.

Turtle Shell Brass Tray via Lonny Magazine

And then there are always a few dozen things I want to try out. 

Like this mirrored door.

Lonny Magazine

And painted faux molding (this would work great in my bedroom as well - I've got bedroom brain today).

Lonny Magazine

There are also great ideas for mixing high and low items.

Lonny Magazine

Be sure to take some time to look thru the latest issue. It is always a treat!

March 8, 2012

take a seat part 1

I've been keeping a secret from you.

I know, I know. Its a terrible thing to do to a friend.

Its a dirty secret too. And pretty smelly...with lots of earwax gold. And I suspect some cat hair.

I had long wanted a loveseat for our living room and a year (or so) ago I got this one for my birthday. Whoop whoop. Perfect in so many ways - nice lines, structurally in good shape and full of potential. So like anything with potential, it sat in my basement for a good 10 months. As you can see though, sister has seen better days. Judging from the fabric, those days were in the 60s. And not the cool mod Mad Men 60s. More like your grandma's doilies and tupperware 60s.

Finally, we brought it upstairs and put it in the living room for some shock therapy. If you stare at this thing long enough, you'll get your butt in gear to fix it! (the only one who would sit on it was me...and the dog.) 

When prepping the house for our recent first birthday party we moved it out to the garage (we didn't want to scare our guests) and that was enough to push me over the edge. I officially have a bee in my bonnet.

I'm ready to tackle the old girl. So now, the big decisions.

via From The Right Bank

Do I want to paint it? What color? Do I want solid fabric, or a pattern? Nail head or piping? And the biggest question of I attempt to reupholster this myself? Keep the tufting or loose it? So many decisions! (the only thing I know for sure is I want one cushion rather than two) What do you think? I'd love your feedback!!
via Bijou and Boheme

First step, no matter what, is to rip off this fabric and get the wood sanded and ready for paint...or stain. Decisions Decisions.

March 6, 2012

estate sale strikes again

Good morning all! How are you on this almost spring morning?

I'm finally getting out of the weekend haze. I woke up Saturday morning to find we were out of dog food. And as anyone who has a Beagle knows, meals CANNOT be missed. So I quickly put a coat on over my PJs and ran out to the store to pick up a bag.

On my way home I noticed a sign for an estate sale. I didn't really have the time to go in, and I was certainly not dressed to be out (I'd already pressed my luck in an empty grocery store) but I couldn't resist.

"I'll only stop if it looks like a good old house", I told myself. As I got further down the street, and saw how insane the parking was I got even more excited. "If this many people are here, there has to be some good stuff." I considered the dog at home, who at this point was probably wining uncontrollably, but I couldn't resist. "She can wait five more minutes. I'll just run thru. Fastest run thru ever." I slipped into a spot close to the house as someone was leaving. I jumped out and was in a full speed walk sprint.

Quickly I weaved my way thru each room, finding some things that perked my interest but nothing worth stopping for. Actually, it was a good way to go thru a sale as it made me really prioritize what was 'worth it'. I thought it had been a wash, nothing good to nab. But luckily, two old ladies stop in front of me to argue over a quilt which blocks my way to the front door, which makes me back track and go thru the garage...where I saw them.

Two little (dusty) side tables who said "We are light and oh so cute. You can carry us under your arm and still be home before the dog starts to chew on your child's arm." They need some love, which always makes me like something even more and then I saw my very favorite words -

'As is'. $15 later, these babies were in my trunk and on their way home. I mean how often do you ever find a pair of anything?

I love their little stars.

And their arrows. Wahoo!

And I know just where they will be going...

After a good cleaning they will need some attention. What do you think? A big pop of color? Black? Wood?

Oh, and a paint color was picked for the bedroom. More on that this week.

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? Torture any dogs with promises of breakfast?

March 2, 2012

guest posting at Living Savvy

I'm guest posting over at Living Savvy today, talking about some of my favorite spray painting projects. Tiffany is one of my all time favorites, so I'm pretty excited. Head over and check it out!

Happy Weekend!

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