May 31, 2012

now i can lay down - bedroom reveal

Grab your cocktail and lets get this party started! I'm happy to report that I'm done. I don't think the room is done (are they ever really done?) but I am done.

There has been blabbing aplenty on this room so I'll try to talk (type) less and show more. Most of you know how hard it is for me not to talk, so this will be a challenge.

To recap, here is what we started with. A sad little space. The space of a couple who was too tired working on the rest of the house to put much energy into said space (or apparently into proper pillow placement).

Initially the plan was to just throw some lipstick on it. Add a bit of paint and maybe some new bedding. It was to take no time at all. Ha! I'm such a fool. When will I ever learn?!

A little paint led to more changes and more changes. It was that whole 'and they told two people, and they told two people, and so on.' This turned into a lot of 'and so on's.'

Here is my 'and so on' space.
The new paint color was a bit darker than I had originally planned but it grows on me more every day. Its like Barry White, all warm and velvety. And there is no better room for Barry than the bedroom. Yep, I just went there.

The gold spray painted lamp shades were moved in here and I love their pop of black against the panels.
Bedside tables are still a topic of discussion (in my head) but these are a good fit for now. Both are castoffs from the basement.
I shopped my basement and brought up this old iron headboard and added ribbon trim to bamboo roman shades (also from the basement) to soften them up a bit.
Giving the ribbon treatment to the existing bedskirt and making my own monogramed shams meant that all I bought for the bed itself was a throw pillow from HomeGoods and new sheets (which I lurve) from TJMax.

The lampshade came with the lamp (purchased from Target about 5 years ago) but I never used it as it had a big rip along one side. Hmmm, maybe that is why it had been on clearance? 
I covered it with a 1/2 yard of fabric purchased with a Hobby Lobby coupon and a can of spray adhesive. I mean I used the coupon to buy the fabric. I don't think you can pay for things with spray adhesive.

The floor lamp was found at a garage sale while walking the dog. I only had $1 on me and the wonderful woman was happy to take it. Holla!
Another gallery wall in the making, although this one is certainly in process and will grow over time.

The old frames came from my parent's basement (what's with me and basements?) and my mom was nice enough to hand them over under one condition  - "don't you dare spray paint them!"

A rug is still needed (I'm waiting for one to speak to me but I'm told rugs don't speak, so that might be part of the problem), and I'd still LOVE to talk the hubs out of chucking that ceiling fan in favor of a great old chandelier. But for now - I'm just going to enjoy.

So in the words of the Beastie Boys - that's it that's all that's all there is.

P.S. - I made a challenge to myself at the beginning of this project to try and take a second look at things I already owned rather than going out and just buying a bunch of new stuff. After all, if I bought it at some point, there must be something I liked about it - right?. Almost everything in here was something I already owned and just altered. As for the items I did purchase - paint, ribbon, wrapping paper, fabric and a few estate/garage sale items - I did this whole room for less than $125. And that makes me happy.

P.P.S - For anyone who thinks my bed stays that straight all the time - here it is just 10 minutes after taking these pics.

Now what am I going to do with all this free time?

May 30, 2012

flea market fun

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice and relaxing weekend. Even though we had an extra day I feel rather behind this week. Does that ever happen to you? Anyone?

Anyway, on Monday I was able to make it to the annual Gypsy Caravan - one of the largest outdoor flea markets in the Midwest. I got there a little later than in years past but there was still plenty of good things.

This old prayer table would be so fun in an entry or as a bedside table. All you would have to do is unscrew the candle holder top thingy (is that sacrilegious?). It had the best patina.

A great old lamp for only $20. You know I love me some green.
I have no use for it, but really, who doesn't love a disco ball?!
This is the very same awesome teapot I saw back in December at my favorite antique store. Exactly the same as I recognized the guy running the booth. Only problem is - he'd marked it up. Bastard.
Wonderful old shutters.
A great selection of unique chandeliers. Love the one in the very back.
This set was in pristine condition and even had a whole for an umbrella.
By far the funniest thing I saw. This dude had 16 packets of this - you could easily do your whole room. Groovy.
Beautiful vintage milk bottles make for a lovely vase.
This booth had such amazing things.

I did walk away with one treat. This awesome vase (from the booth above) for $8. It is huge and lovely.

I will reward myself by filling this thing with some hydrangeas from the soon as it stops raining.

This gloomy day does make a perfect day for cleaning and laundry though. Oh joy.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the 'wahoo my bedroom is done' party.

May 24, 2012

what's in a name

We are in the home stretch (whoop whoop) of this master bedroom and what is one of the last things you do before leaving your room each morning?

I would accept 'hide dirty clothes in closet' but really 'make the bed' is the answer I'm looking for.

Since the beginning I've had monogrammed shams in mind. Now we've already established my love of out-of-my-budget-linens, but I though since I wasn't going crazy with linens on the rest of the bed, I could certainly spring for two Euro shams.

Turns out I couldn't. Everything I found that would work was upwards of $75 each and still not right. And I'm not spending that much on something I don't absolutely love. I do have a pair of old Pottery Barn shams but their polka dot color wouldn't work. Too green and gray.

Other than the color though, they were in perfect shape. I couldn't see spending money on new shams when I had two perfectly good ones sitting in my perfectly organized linen closet. So... I bleached them.

I figured they would either sit in my closet forever and never get used, or I could take a chance that the bleach would work.

And luckily, it worked. Wonderfully. I should have done it long ago.

With crisp white (and wrinkly) shams in hand I called the local monogram shop that I've used several times before.

"How much would it be to monogram two Euro Shams?"

"Well, it depends on the size of the monogram and the type, but it would start around $150 per sham."

Excuse me?
Does that include the crack you are smoking, or is that separate?

Did she not know the conversation I'd been having with myself about cost? See paragraph above lady!

I mourned my perfectly stitched monogramed shams for about two minutes and then thought, I'm just going to have to do this on my own. Kirsten at Restored Style and Jenny at Little Green Notebook have both tried similar things. So I know I wasn't crazy. I can do this.

First step, finding the monogram. I played with some fonts on the computer until I found the style and size I wanted.

After printing out the monograms, I laid them out on my cutting board to cut out the letters. If you have 'B' 'O' or any letter that has a cut out, be sure to keep those cut outs as you will need them later.

With the monogram cut out, it was time to transfer the template to the sham. I taped it down super tight and put a book inside the sham to 1. prevent any bleed-thru from the paint and 2. keep as flat and hard a surface as I could for painting.

Time to get down to business. I used craft paint I already had on hand (fabric safe) and a little, very stiff, paint brush. It is super important to always brush away from the paper so you don't paint 'outside the lines'. Slow and steady wins the race. Full concentration is required. I even had to turn off Bravo (gasp) for a bit as it was too distracting.

After its all painted, pause for a quick 'Did I really just paint my bedding?!' and then

slooowly pull the tape and stencil off. I admit, I did this with only one eye opened.



Now just lather, rinse and repeat with the second sham. I did lay the second sham onto of the first one (after it was dry of course) to make sure to line up my stencils. It was faint, but just strong enough to help.

Now I've got what I was picturing in my head and didn't have to spend $$$ to get it. This project was 100% FREE since I already owned everything I needed.

This means I can cross another thing off my 'f' list:

  • find a rug
  • finish art project for walls
  • finish bedding
  • find bedside table alternative
  • finish seating - 80% finished

I'm making one final push this weekend and then I'm slapping a big old 'done' sign on this sucker.  Wish me luck that I keep my momentum going for a few more days. What do you have planned this weekend? Tackling any projects? Tackling any BBQs?

May 22, 2012

party in the front, business in the back

My house is currently a reverse mullet.

All business in the back. The business of huge holes in my deck.

But its OK, because even if I could step out onto my deck, I'd have no way of walking down the stairs.

This adds a new level of fun to letting the dog outside, let me tell ya. However, the hubs has been hard at work and hopefully this will all be done by the end of the week.

So to counter the chaos in the back of the house, I added some party to my front. You know, to complete the mullet. Thanks to Linda, for the flower box inspiration.

I also have three different colors of paint on my hands and paint chips in my hair. 

This is going to be one productive week! What do you have planned for this week?

May 17, 2012

there is something on your skirt

Happy Thursday all! I'm slooowly inching my way towards finishing this blasted bedroom. Close enough that I'm down to the details...mostly. And what is more detail-ish than a bedskirt.

I have a bit of a linens fetish. D. Porthault is like porn to me. But obviously that is a bit out of budget and I couldn't throw out my perfectly fine white Target bedskirt. Although, (cover your ears bedskirt) if I ever win the lottery you better believe I'm going to roll around in my D.Porthault bed all the live long day.

the old room and plain bedskirt
I was so inspired by my lovely friend Tiffany's bedskirt and the magic Freckles Chick worked on her curtains that I thought I could certainly slap some jazz hands on this thing. And while I am sans sewing machine, I can work some mean magic with an iron.

I love a big red slash on a price tag.
 One free bedskirt, $3 heat and bond and $3 ribbon gave me a nice little touch.

Such a simple project that adds a nice finish, I should have tackled it long ago. I measured the height that I wanted the ribbon to sit and then used a spacer to keep myself straight. Start to finish it was only a one episode of RHONJ project. (I like to measure all projects by the 'Bravo clock')

My bed never stays made for very long with these two around. 

So the list is shrinking. Just a few things left to knock out:

  • find a rug
  • finish art project for walls
  • finish bedding
  • find bedside table alternative
  • finish seating
That's a heck of a lot of 'f's' on one list.

Are you making any progress on your list(s)? Any big projects that seem to never end? Any suggestions on how to teach my dog how to make the bed?

May 14, 2012

feet up or laying down

I was lucky enough to win a design consult with the lovely Jessie at Mix and Chic and we have been working on our family room/playroom. She has come up with some really great ideas and I can't wait to start working on the space, but it has brought up an ongoing discussion in our house.


The hubs and I like our couch time. We log many hours on that sucker (isn't it our duty as Americans?) and we require comfort.

Our first couch, god rest its soul, was the single greatest couch created. We scored it at a consignment shop when we got our first apartment and that thing was sent straight from heaven. Perfect for napping, spooning (TMI?) and plenty of room to seat an army. It wasn't a sectional but was the size of a barge. And it made it thru three apartments before it just got too big and too beat up to drag along any longer. Insert lone tear here.

So when we moved into our current we got a new couch for the family room and 5 1/2 years later the thing is beat up, full of saggy cushions and frankly, not that comfortable. So the sectional debate begins again.

For whatever reason, when I thought of sectionals, I always thought of those bad 80'couches that take up a whole room with bad burgundy fabric and overstuffed head cushions and la-z-boys at the end.

But, sectionals have come a long way baby. I think I am in love. And so the discussion has shifted to what kind of sectional.

A full sectional?

via Lonny Magazine
via Pinterest
via Lonny Magazine

Or a sectional/chaise option?

via Pinterest
via Rue Magazine
via Sarah Richardson

Do you have a sectional? Is there one you recommend?
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