January 27, 2012

color coded

I stare at these bookshelves a lot. Most of the action in our house happens in this room. Barbie's wardrobe is stored just below these shelves, as well as puzzels, legos, movies, games. Everything. And of course there is the TV as well. I watch a lot of TV. I love TV. So again, I stare at these suckers all the time.
every bookcase looks a little better with Aiden in the middle

And as I stare, I always think to myself, "You really need to paint the back of those suckers. I am over that brown. Why didn't you paint over that when you painted the rest of the room?" 
"You need to find something to actually go in those big picture frames if you are going to hang them up you lazy fool. A picture of a flower on its side is not doing it for me."
good gracious the lighting down here is awful

So a few weekends ago I had the rare treat of an entire 24 hours with no one to take care of. I took it as a sign. (to paint and drink cocktails) So, I stripped them down, clean up about a pound of dust (does anyone dust bookshelves on a regular basis) and taped them up. Buh bye brown.

I looked thru my pins and found that I'm obviously loving the whole color coded look. Like this.
via Pinterest
 Or this.
via Pinterest
As a side note - isn't it funny to look thru your boards and find you pin ten variations of the same thing? Subliminal design. Hey, that would be a good name for a business...I'm getting off track.

To go polar opposite of the brown, I wanted something fresh and clean, but not white. I liked having a color of some kind back there. Martha pulled thru with just the right fresh, clean but not white color. (I need to get better about keeping paint chips so I can remember the name of the color)
Thanks to the power of the internet...voila. Painted shelves.
Much cleaner. Much brighter. A good start. Now lets see if I have enough books for a rainbow.
Who knew I had so many red books? And yellow? Crazy.

An afternoon of finger painting and I had some new artwork...from Amelia. Not me. My finger painting days are behind me.

Old cup/bowl/whatever it is made by me, age 8

 Rainbow continued on the other side. I apologize for the horrible lighting.

The finished product with the Olivia stamp of approval. Not a huge change, and not a lot of work but it makes me feel like I've done something. And its nice to stare at something new while watching TV.

Have you made any small changes around your house lately? Is this all the motivation I need to get started on some of my bigger projects? And more importantly, who's ready for Monday's RHOBH reunion show? Viewing party at my house!
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