February 15, 2012

green for very little green

Hey there! First things first, I want to thank everyone for their great comments, especially about the lampshades. I think they just might deserve different bases so I'm going to keep my eyes open. I'll keep you posted.

With a 1st birthday party this weekend, our house is full of glue guns and pink. Everywhere pink. So, many things have fallen off my radar, but I did manage to finish one project on my list. A kick off project of sorts. But first a little background. I know what you're thinking, 'Oh great, another one of her stories.' I'll keep it brief, promise.

We have the classic neglected master bedroom - full of left overs, after thoughts and general laziness. Finally the other day I decided I'd had enough. I'm sick and tired of it and I'm not gonna take it anymore! (imagine me doing my best Norma Ray) Its time to start the patching, painting, moving, reorganizing, and of course, shopping. But as this room is (supposed to be) my sanctuary, the thought of the upheaval makes me want to avoid it altogether.

So I'm going with the 'What About Bob?' theory. Its all about the baby steps.

Baby step 1 - empty the room. As we've established, it drives me bonkers to live in an 'empty' space, so nothing is more encouraging than seeing blank walls first thing every day. Mission accomplished. It is driving me nuts and I am annoyed encouraged.

Baby step 2 - bring in some inspiration. I been dying for some kelly green...somewhere. Enter this mirror I picked up off the side of the road when I nabbed my now yellow table.

It used to sit on top of the table, ala vanity, which is why there is that big honkin' bolt sticking out of the bottom. Luckily that screwed right out. A bit of sanding and paper to protect the mirror and it was ready for a can of love.

After several light and even coats (a shout out to Sherry) I have a nice pop of inspiration.

Notice the blank walls. And curtains already pulled down. And no, I'm not channeling Laura Ashley's green and lavender. That wall color is the next thing to go!

Next up baby step 3 - paint the walls.

Then create curtains, get new bedding, recycle some lamps, get stuff for the walls, figure out a bedskirt, find a rug...oy. I'll stop there. I need a cocktail.

For now this bit of change will have to do. Its all about the baby steps.

Have you started any major projects lately? Have any project anxiety? Something you've wanted to get started but can't bring yourself to pull the trigger on?


  1. Oooo I can't wait to see the room when you're done- I love where you're going with the look! That mirror looks fabulous in the green! I can't wait till we're no longer renting so I can give my husband and I a gorgeous master bedroom. The one we're in now is way too cramped and hideous to make me even remotely motivated to do anything with it. it's got a lot of ugly features but the worst is four walls of dark paneling. It's like a 70's nightmare.
    btw I'm having a giveaway for the octopus art I made the other day! Come enter when you get a sec!

  2. Yes to a green mirror. I love that. And how cool that you picked it up off the side of the road! I hear you on cast-offs in the master bedroom. One day I'll get to mine. Maybe yours will inspire me?

  3. Nice! Love the green mirror. I am new to your blog and now your newest follower :)


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