February 4, 2012

what's my motivation?

Did anyone else want to be an actress when they were little? Just me? Ok, moving on.

I am always looking thru Sarah's House episodes on DVR, old issues of Domino, Pinterest, basically anything to get the juices flowing when its time to start a new project. So, to pump myself up for a long to-do list, here is some weekend motivation. Can you hear the Rocky music playing in the background?

You Paid More Than Me via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Seeing a theme here? 

How do you get motivated? Any special projects you are ready to tackle? Happy Weekend!


  1. i love the green... it's so refreshing!

  2. Beautiful touches of green, so relaxing and rejuvenating for the weekend. I just found your blog through Emily A Clark. I love what I see!

  3. That is the EXACT color scheme I used as my inspiration for a project I just finished!! I have the first picture pinned too...love it!!


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