March 15, 2012

a few clips of spring

Today I had a baby who wouldn't nap and a toddler jumping out of her skin. So we took advantage of the lovely spring weather to play in the yard.

This quickly turned into "let's pick flowers".

One small hitch in this plan though - flowers haven't bloomed in our yard yet (with the exception of some hyacinth that have already been man toddler-handled). After a discussion about why picking flowers out of our neighbors yard isn't really a good plan the crowd was starting to turn on me. I offered kick ball, bike riding, a walk, but no takers. It was all about the flowers damn it.

So with the natives getting restless and the screams getting louder, I improvised. I got out the clippers and cut off my ears. Just kidding. (I only considered that for a few minutes second)

We snipped a few branches off our pear tree.

And what does any 4-year-old (or 30-something) want to do with a bunch of cut flowers? Make a "boookay" of course. Amelia wanted to do her own arrangement, as all independent 4-year -olds do, so she got the milk glass and I stuck to the ginger jar. Finally a happy household.

And a bit of spring to brighten up the house.

Amelia ditched me and took her "boookay" into her room

Have you brought any flowers in from the yard yet? Is anyone else as excited for the peonies to come out as I am? I can smell them now!


  1. Oh very pretty! I love fresh blooms in the house! Great vignette!

  2. So funny and so pretty. I can totally relate. My independent soon-to-be four year old brought me a fistful of "shamrocks" yesterday (weeds from the front garden). He said he found them next to his leprechaun trap and insisted that he put them in a vase (a dixie cup). Oh to be four.

    Your touches of spring are lovely. What a beautiful ginger jar. I love that Amelia took her flowers to her room.

    Have a great day.

  3. No flowers yet. I'm looking forward to it though!

  4. I love both "bookays"! Going to grab my clippers and head outside now!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Beautiful vignette. Spring has started to bloom here, mainly budding on the trees. Happy weekend!

  6. Oh yes, I am joyfully watching the peonies grow each day, anxiously anticipating their heady blooms. I love how the stalks can double in size in a day of good rain. Ahhh, spring.

  7. Gorgeous - both boooookays. Wish we had flowers here. Spring is another month or so in MT. I am in so much awe of you!

  8. Gorgeous vignette! No wonder it's. Ring featured everywhere!


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