March 19, 2012

grass cloth without the grass cloth

As you all know I've been dragging my flip flops about a paint color for our bedroom for several weeks. And I know what you are thinking - OMG girl, its paint. What's the hold up? Just pick a color already.

Well, one of the reasons it took me so long to pick a color is that I haven't really wanted paint at all. My first choice would be grass cloth. Not only do I love it's texture and color(s)

via Style at Home (hand over your heart for Tommy Smythe's bedroom)

but I love the warmth it gives. And a bedroom, I think, deserves an extra layer of warmth. There is no room that should give you a bigger hug than your bedroom.

My husband/wallpaper hanging partner however, was not hip to the idea. In fact, there was a lot of "no way in hell dude." (dude is a term of endearment. yes it is.)

via LeSueur Interiors
My budget was also saying, "no way in hell dude".

I know when to take a hint, so I took my lemons and made some lemonade. Or my grass and made I'll stop there.

via Lonny Magazine
So paint it is. I pulled as many paint chips as I could and laid them out to start narrowing them down. I was starting to go cross-eyed when I (luckily) remembered a post Camila had written about a similar situation several months back. She landed on the color Desert Tan, by Benjamin Moore. I went thru my Benjamin Moore stack and there she was - my little Desert Tan.

Just the right kind of hug. A 'its great to see you old friend' kind of hug. Not a 'lingering, weird guy in a bar' hug. And I've got lots of blue, Morning Star by Pratt & Lambert left over from painting the ceiling in the girls room. So I'll use the rest of that on our ceiling as well.

Picked. Decided. Ready for action. I've already started patching the holes. I can now cross 'make progress on bedroom' off my list. What? Like you don't write evasive things on your list so you can have something to cross off?

The girls are lucky. If they were a few years older this would be a "let's help mom paint her bedroom" spring break. How early can you start child labor? I'll try to get a first coat on in between trips to the zoo, planting gardens and general merriment.

What do you have planned this week? Any big projects? Small projects? Fake projects that you put on the list just so you have something to cross off?


  1. Ahhh...grass cloth! When I was little, my aunt covered her entry and den walls in grass cloth. I did not appreciate it until I was older. It created this lovely atmosphere and was a gorgeous backdrop for great art.
    Maybe one day!
    Until then, tan is going to be beautiful! 4 years ago, my sweeties went to D.C. to visit my sister over Spring BReak and I painted our bedroom tan. I still love it!
    Enjoy the week!

  2. I had Desert Tan in my living room for years...loved it!

  3. No, Tommy Smythe did that bedroom? I had no idea. No wonder I like it so much!

    Glad you came to a decision on your bedroom. It's a nice calming neutral you picked. (Which I am always a big fan of!) Sometimes all you need is to get that one big piece done and the rest just kind of falls into place, right?

    Regarding child labor, why has this never occurred to me? You have me dizzy with all the ways I am going to put my girls to work when they get older. Also, how is it already Spring Break? Whoopee!

  4. So good to know. I am currently considering grasscloth for our new home, but the what is bothering me is that you'll be able to see the seams. So, I am excited there is a paint color that might fit the bill!


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