April 6, 2012

treat yourself friday

I try to do a little something fun for myself on Fridays - get a tea at Starbucks, buy a new magazine, etc. (I know, I live on the edge.)

One of my favorite things to do is get my nails done. However, I often find myself without the time to go to the nail salon, aka 'mommy's special place'. And as a result, I have more bottles of nail polish at home than I care to count.

Last Friday I was feeling particularly cheap but still wanted my Friday treat, so I picked up a bottle of Sinful Colors at Target for $1.99. Can't get any cheaper than that.


Turns out this is the BEST nail polish I've ever used (with the exception of my Chanel). This stuff stays on longer than a RHOOC marathon. No chipping. Bright colors. So much fun.

Treat yourself this Friday and pick some up.


  1. oohh! I'm on a green kick lately(partly because of you!). I think I'm going to try that green one! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sometimes it's the little things like a new bottle of nail polish that go a long way for a mommy! On Fridays I usually treat myself to not cooking, but my nails could definitely use a treat.

    Have a great weekend and holiday!

  3. I've heard good things about it...I was just at Target and almost got some...I need to clean out what I have before I add any more...love the price!!

  4. "This stuff stays on longer than a RHOOC marathon." You're killing me. :)

  5. My Friday treat usually involves a bar of very large chocolate but I love the idea of really pampering yourself! I really love the sparkly purple colour!

  6. I think you deserve some fun new color after rocking that side panel on your settee.

  7. I like your Friday treat tradition!! I usually treat myself on Friday afternoon to either a nap or a decorating show or something. I need to live it up a little more though and GET myself a treat! I'm going to try this nail polish- haven't used it before. I love those fun colors!

  8. Such pretty bright colors. I love nail polish, maybe if I stop biting my nails I can treat myself to some :)


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