May 17, 2012

there is something on your skirt

Happy Thursday all! I'm slooowly inching my way towards finishing this blasted bedroom. Close enough that I'm down to the details...mostly. And what is more detail-ish than a bedskirt.

I have a bit of a linens fetish. D. Porthault is like porn to me. But obviously that is a bit out of budget and I couldn't throw out my perfectly fine white Target bedskirt. Although, (cover your ears bedskirt) if I ever win the lottery you better believe I'm going to roll around in my D.Porthault bed all the live long day.

the old room and plain bedskirt
I was so inspired by my lovely friend Tiffany's bedskirt and the magic Freckles Chick worked on her curtains that I thought I could certainly slap some jazz hands on this thing. And while I am sans sewing machine, I can work some mean magic with an iron.

I love a big red slash on a price tag.
 One free bedskirt, $3 heat and bond and $3 ribbon gave me a nice little touch.

Such a simple project that adds a nice finish, I should have tackled it long ago. I measured the height that I wanted the ribbon to sit and then used a spacer to keep myself straight. Start to finish it was only a one episode of RHONJ project. (I like to measure all projects by the 'Bravo clock')

My bed never stays made for very long with these two around. 

So the list is shrinking. Just a few things left to knock out:

  • find a rug
  • finish art project for walls
  • finish bedding
  • find bedside table alternative
  • finish seating
That's a heck of a lot of 'f's' on one list.

Are you making any progress on your list(s)? Any big projects that seem to never end? Any suggestions on how to teach my dog how to make the bed?


  1. I love it! I may just need to add a red ribbon to my bedskirt now!

  2. Love this! What a simple upgrade to make it look so custom.

  3. COOL DOG !
    Hey, i just joined your site and made a comment over on your dining room post and then realized that was long time since you posted that one. So wanted to say hi, and tell you i love your blog and your talent! ~ Renae

  4. I love the bedskirt. I am going to tackle my bedroom soon, but for a change...I am making a plan first. I find bedskirts so difficult. I like this tailored look. I don't let my dog on my bed....maybe I should keep my kids off it too?

  5. Eerie...I've been planning on doing this to my bedskirt...once I get done with my dining room "f" list...and that "f" doesn't stand for finish!!

  6. I love it! Thanks for the mention... the ribbon is perfect!

  7. You are just rockin' the ribbon, Lady! It looks so good! And is that a ticking stripe quilt I spy? Gorgeous. I can already tell that this room is going to be a knock-out.

    P.S. You make me laugh every time. Without fail.

  8. That looks awesome! I may have to do that!!!

  9. That looks so great! I love the greek key pillow too! Love your blog. I'm your newest follower :)

  10. It's looking good! Love the greek key prints!

  11. That looks so good! Can't wait to see the whole room! Ribbon on a bedskirt is such a good idea...

  12. What a brilliant idea, I love how tailored this looks! x

  13. I love this idea! It looks really good! Your room is coming along and looking great. :)

  14. I love the ribbon addition, what a neat idea! It looks very tailored and very custom. Adore your stylish greek key pillow, too!

    Looking forward to see this room finished, I am sure it will look fab!

    P/S: By the way, did you receive my email during the weekend? Just checking...

    Have a good week, Elizabeth!


  15. Your bedroom is gorgeous, and I hate to admit I'm very jealous of your DIY skills. You have great ideas and implement them beautifully! What you did during one TV show and $6 dollars is amazing!

  16. Now why in the heck didn't I think of that :) very crafty and clever!

  17. First things first...that smoochie muffins face right there at the end.....I could die :)
    Bedskirt looks great...might need to try that. I have done curtains before but not a bedskirt. Your are getting there....

  18. That look fabulous! Who knew something so simple could have such a great impact?


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