June 19, 2012

twitter chatter

Twist my arm already. After too many people nagged me about it for too long, I have finally pulled the trigger and gotten myself on twitter.

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So now I need tips from all of you twitter experts. Who should I follow? What's with the whole # thing? Only 140 characters, really?


  1. Other than friends and family, I mostly follow bloggers I've been reading for years -- people who make me laugh. Twitter doesn't make it easy to find new people to follow, though; there isn't any page where you can see the latest posts by everybody, like with Pinterest. Or if there is one, I haven't found it yet. That's kind of a bummer.

  2. Well I don't do Twitter either. I guess I should but I barely do FB anymore. I put a post on FB on Saturday (to alert many to my Dad's tribute on my blog) and FB grouped it into other Father's Day entries and it got lost in the group. urgh! I think blogging with bloggers is much more fun. If you don't succeed at Twitter, that's ok. I just viewed your "Bathroom Pop" and it beats anything I saw on FB this morning. honest :D

  3. Other than me? (@MyCraftyHomLife)...notice there is no N on home. You should follow any company or person you want to know more about. Funny people, for a laugh....any of the "housewives"....etc. Just put there name in Google, like this (Bethany Frankel on Twitter) ...there twitter address will come up, and you just click "follow". The # symbol is for what you are thinking, like #DoYouBelieveThisShit no spaces at all. Then, if you click on that, it will bring you to others also saying the same thing. Try #FreeCoffee that is always fun.

  4. I still have not gotten into the swing of twitter, but I am on too!

  5. Oh my gosh, twitter...I can't give you any tips because I suck at Twitter. I'm on it, but I never tweet anything because I can't remember my password! I have like 7 followers. It's really sad. Twitter makes me feel ancient, like the way my grandmother feels about texting.

  6. Well, you should follow me! :) @ALivedinHome
    I'll follow you too! I don't get into a lot of hash tags. Mostly I post pics from my Instagram or blog posts.

  7. Follow me & I'll follow you back. @spereelan My hubby sent me this link http://www.momthisishowtwitterworks.com/

  8. I have no clue! But I have been thinking about joining. Wonder if it's worth it though.

  9. I am on twitter per the advice of my marketing and tech savvy husband but I really don't get it either. All I do is tweet my posts and occasionally something I see out and about. I follow people but I never remember to check my Twitter feed so it's pretty pointless. I am starting to feel old! Some bloggers tweet A LOT. MMS is one...

    I don't get hashtags (#) either. My husband says it's a way to categorize things--like people will all start tweeting about #chevronstripe and it's a way to join the discussion but seriously, I really don't know...

    If you figure it out, please post about it! Don't tweet it though because I will miss it : )


  10. Oh yeah, if you follow me, I'll follow you back too. That's got to help...


  11. You can find me @AmberBInteriors. I think I just figured out the whole # thing. Urban Orchid Interiors is right. It's a way to categorize what you say. So, when you put a # in front of a term or phrase, it immediately then becomes a link to everyone else on twitter that wrote about that. Someone I follow on twitter wrote #what she orda, chick filet? from the Jay Z and Kanye song. When you click on that phrase, it goes to everything from people talking about that song to eating a chick filet sandwich at McDonald's! :) Mostly, I just link up to my blog posts! Hope this helps!

  12. Yeah...I was hearing that very same thing at Haven...get on it. I am...but need a little practice.....problem is that I signed up a long time ago and forgot my password...so I signed up again with a whole new name....now I am screwed I think!

  13. Oooh yes Twitter. I like to liken it to a party where there's 1000 conversations going on at one time. You can listen for a while to other conversations, join in, start your own conversation, or talk to yourself. It all works.

    I'm on there as @Redlilocks. I go through periods of being quite active on it and then other times I forget it's there. I'll follow you ;)

    In terms of people to follow, I follow other bloggers and some companies (like Zara or H&M or smaller companies) and I also follow comedians, celebrities, funny people... Twitter will start to recognise the 'types' of people you are following and make recommendations on who they think you might like. Or you can see who other people are following too.


  14. So what do you think of Twitter so far? I love it. I find it to be a quick way to keep in touch with friends that I've met through blogging. And it's just a different way to connect other than the blog and e-mail. It's also been a good way for me to network with local businesses and bloggers too.


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