August 29, 2012

guest post - sadie + stella

Hi Little Black Door dolls! I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and I could not be more elated to share my day with you while that fabulous Elizabeth is vacationing herself. For those of you who know me, and those of you who do not, I am a total DIY'er/get the expensive look for less kind of girl. Don't get me wrong. I have extremely expensive taste. However, I believe budgets should be balanced and with the right imagination and execution, projects can be completed at home. Which brings me to my favorite room in our home. Our very own, homemade dressing room. No. Not homemade dressing. A homemade dressing room.  
The boy is to thank on this one. He had a lot of the brains behind this project and also had the brawn. Hmmmm. Where do I come in?? Color coding. That is where. 

This is honestly a simple project that each and everyone of you can do with a trip to Home Depot and a few hours of your time. I wanted the end product to look like an upscale clothing boutique. Mission. Accomplished. 

The dressing table seen here is actually an Ikea piece. And the trays used to hold all of our daily accessories would be from the Dollar Tree. Count that. Dollar Tree. I can just feel the savings. Cha ching. As they say, a penny saved is a penny saved. 

I could not be more thrilled with the after. See lovers, you all can get the same look. This room makes me beyond happy every time I walk in to get dressed. I hope you all enjoy the tour of my favorite "DIY/Look for Less Space." Thanks for having me!  XOXO Lindsay 


  1. I am finally getting around to carving out a dressing area for myself. This space is the one that stays in my brain while I plan. I don't have the wardrobe, though.....Hmm...should be part of the budget, yes?

  2. Elizabeth!!!!!! Do you know I am now on the floor over here! Ahhhhh... you are killing me with this amazing idea from Lindsay. Now, I guess I just need an extra bedroom, so I myself may have a room as dreamy as this!

  3. Fabulous...Most "walk-in closets have so much wasted floor space and you really maxed it out!

  4. Now hello Lindsay! I was not able to locate this post on your site, so I'll comment here. DYING over this room! As I told Elizabeth, I just need an extra room in order to create this little slice Heaven here as you've done. The colors in your closet are gorgeous. Is this Ikea table a kitchen island? And, if so, did you add the design to the legs?? Or is this a table that is available as is? Also, can you tell me about that silver antelope? Kudos to your brilliant husband from being, well, so brilliant to contribute to such an important, amazing room. So excited to follow along all your fabulous now! Whitley

  5. What a great room to go into to start the day! Love the mirrored table/island...fabulous!!

  6. You are so incredibly creative! What a fantastic idea and great use of space. Love the idea of the mirrored table. You did a great job!!!!

  7. Great looking room but alas, it would not be big enough for all of my clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, jewellery, etc,etc,etc....

  8. beautiful closet Lindsay!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great closet! And what I couldn't give for a room like this. Now to find the space...


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