October 1, 2012

monday monday

I'm down with a bad cold today. I tried to call in sick, but the girls didn't give me the day off. However, I will be spending a lot of time looking over the new issue of Adore which is always filled with amazing spaces and is featuring a new space by Anna Spiro. Sure to make me feel better.

And scouring the new Lulu & Georgia site. I've already found about 4 things I want on there and I didn't even get past the first page.

Be sure to check them both out!


  1. Wait, is this one in print or online only? I like to hold magazines in my hands. Is that too much to ask! Have fab Monday!


  2. feel better! i looked at it last night and DIED of the awesomeness.

  3. Love Lulu and Georgia! Thanks for posting about it! xo

  4. Feel better, little buddy. Two words, Anna Spiro

  5. Sorry...mommies dont get sick days! But we do get to browse fabulous e-zines and websites! I have not heard of Lulu and Georgia yet...heading over now! Feel better soon...

  6. Feel better! I've never heard of Lulu and Georgia. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Oh honey, I feel your pain...I was knocked on my ass with it last week! Hope you feel better, drink lots of tea and let the television be your girls babysitter!

  8. Haha! Called in sick...

    You kill me! I think that's the single worst part of being a parent. Especially when you don't live near family.

    Will check out the Adore. I didn't even know about it? Where's my head been?

  9. So sorry you are feeling sick! Hope you fee better!

  10. Thanks so much for the mention! We are honored! 20% off today! :)


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