October 2, 2012

nantucket style - guest post

Happy Tuesday!

I'm over at My Crafty Home Life today talking about my idea of Nantucket style. Head over and check it out!


  1. I loved your Nantucket mood board! Classic,chic and comfy all at once.

    I'd be happy to join you on Nantucket. I'll bring the cocktails ; ) Great post!

  2. I love the nantucket look you put together. Blues and whites always work wonders.

  3. just came from over there and I love the look you put together. make me wanna jump in the car for a road trip...fall sweater and all! i think we need a bloggers conference there.

  4. Thank you, girlfriend! I am using those colors for my family room....one day.

  5. Awesome job Elizabeth! I love this topic and your board.
    xo Nancy


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