November 6, 2012

it's a marathon, not a sprint

I never said I would be quick about this whole living room update right? Good. Because it is painfully obvious that I'm taking my own sweet time with this room seeing as I first posted about it in August. The beginning of August.

So I could apologize for my laziness and give all sort of excuses as to why this little room is taking so long, blah blah blah. Or, I could just get on with it and given an update. An update you say? You are so positive, I knew I liked you!

Now if you are anything like me, you will need a refresher on the original to do list.

1. Paint walls, ceiling and trim (not in that order)
2. Paint and recover chairs
3. Figure out room layout
4. Get artwork
5. Sew pillows and curtains
6. Clean rug or Get new rug?
7. Find/Make coffee table
8. Address window seat
9. Lighting
10. Paint 'other' items as needed
11. Couch finishing touches (half way done)

And actually, now that I'm looking at it, I have gotten a lot done. Go me!

The walls have been painted one of my very favorite colors - Arrowroot by Pratt & Lambert. And the ceilings are a very pale blue (I can't remember the name at the moment) that seems to change color several times throughout the day, which I love.

In addition to the walls, I painted some furniture as well. If you saw my guest post at The Pink Pagoda a while back then you saw this. 

And I have a serious crush on my prints from The Pink Pagoda as well. That little lady looks so good! And so does her hubs, hanging on the other side of the room.

I'm still playing around with pillows and some other little things.

But I do have some help arranging flowers.

Curtains were hung last night and the trim on a new seat cushion is complete.

Now I just need to clean the place up a bit and snap some pictures. Easier said than done in this gloomy weather. But progress has been made! I have not forgotten nor abandon the living room. It lives!!

Do you have any projects that you can't seem to get around to finishing? Any lingering lists? Want to come over and help me take some pictures?


  1. I'm on year two of pulling my living room together so don't lose heart!
    I love the billiard balls (?) on your coffee table - that is such a great idea for a pop of color!

  2. This is look fab and quite colorful and happy! Do you find it drastically harder to actually get the room cleaned a tiny bit styled and take pictures and finally edit and upload them than it is to actually do the projects? I do! ha!

  3. oh i love that painted piece!!!! so happy and cheerful and will look awesome decked out for the holidays.... ;)

  4. Nothing good happens over night :) Things are looking great!

  5. Ha! You are joking with that questions right?!? I found my 2012 House Goals list...and lets just say there are not enough days left in 2012 to get even half of it completed! Oh well...guess I have 2013's list already finished...check!

    1. ps...your room looks lovely! cant wait to see it all!

  6. Is looking so good! I love your polka dot end table! And yes, I have a long list of projects I just can't seem to finish, and instead of getting shorter it's getting longer!

  7. I absolutely love everything I see so far. I can't wait to see it all pulled together xo

  8. Thank you for mentioning the prints! I love what you've done with them. I think you've done tons and can't wait to see the photos. And yes, I have almost every room in my house not finished!

  9. Loving the details. Can't wait to see more!

  10. definitely! My boys bathroom used to be bright orange - I painted it white and had big plans of putting stripes, etc. But it's been over a year and it's still white and none of the fixtures have been hung back! aaagh! I promise next summer I'll do this one. I'm loving all the peaks your showing so far, I am sure it looks fantastic already. Can't wait to see the whole space!

  11. I think you've done a great job on your list! You know what's on my list and I'd gladly sew your pillows for you this weekend if you cane my chairs {did I mention I got a pair of them an only one panel of cane remains}?

  12. I think you've made some pretty amazing progress! Can't wait to see it all together :)

  13. Let's face facts...once a room is finally considered 'done,' that just means it starts over again at the bottom of the to-do list and works its way up again. Oh well, those Housewives aren't going to watch themselves, so we might as well stay busy as we take care of that responsibility too.

  14. Ooo looking fabulous! I love all the details and the ceiling is divine.

  15. I just love all that you've done and the red chest is fabulous...slow and steady wins the race!!

  16. I am in such suspense. All the teasers look so good I can't wait to see the final! And please, I have been working on various rooms in our house for 4.5 years. I'm about to paint our living room again for the 5th or 6th time. I've lost track...


  17. Girl, it looks awesome! Can't wait to see more


  18. Totally a is the rest of the house. It is looking so good. One decision at a time. I love The Pink Pagoda, too.

  19. I love the bits you've done already - it looks so gorgeously bright!! That painted chest is - as they say here - the dog's bollocks*.

    As for my own list - oh god, we started the kitchen remodel in March 2011 - 2011!!!! And we still have the butcherblock countertops and sink to put in. Will it get done this year? Erm. No. There's also the 'man cave' and the coat closet makeover, neither of which have been completed. Someday, my dear, someday. xxx

    *this is a good thing

  20. I am loving the pink and blue combination! It is looking great!

  21. I really love that white side table with the flowers on it next to the couch with the polka dots. Did you make that? Just curious how I can re-create for my place!

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