March 18, 2013

monday monday

Top 'o the morning to ya. (sorry, I couldn't resist) I trust you had a wonderful weekend and are just pleased as punch for another Monday.

Spring break has begun at my house so I have two girls at home just waiting to be entertained. They will be so excited to hear that they get to spend the day running ORC errands with me. That is what I call spring break fun.

While I give the girls the good news I'll leave you with this picture. A last bit of green to wrap up the holiday weekend.

See you back here on Wednesday for the big reveal!!!


  1. Just had my oldest home for Spring Break last week. she thinks that means ... "mom takes me shopping!" Instead she was my ORC errand runner as well!! Good luck and have fun this week!! xo

  2. Haha, I told my family not to expect dinner for the next two nights.

  3. Lol. Good luck and I can't wait!

  4. Good luck with the errands. I spent last week doing just that, thankfully sans kids. My room is done and photographed. Feels good!

  5. LOVE this photo!! I can't wait to see the girls' room Wednesday!

  6. Good luck! At least the girls sound happy to help. :)


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