May 6, 2013

visiting at classically b

Happy Monday all! First I want to say thanks for all of your kind words on Friday. I managed to stay off the computer all weekend (no small feat I assure you) which gave me more time to work on projects. Not quite the healing I think I was supposed to be after, but I enjoyed it. Be sure to come back on Wednesday when I'll be sharing a little before and after I recently added to the house.

Today though I'm hanging out with Brittany over at Classically B, talking about some of my favorite finds. And just in time for Mother's Day (hint hint hubs).

Stop by and say Hi!


  1. Going over now, can't wait for your updates.

  2. So happy to have you on the blog today!! Thanks for participating :)

  3. Glad you're better - heading over...

  4. Oh fun, will pop over ... glad you got a little down time!! xo

  5. I'm on my to this blog...

  6. Hope you'll be totally better soon! I've never experienced it before (yet- with all this computer time I'm sure I will!) but my sis is a massage therapist and her hands and wrists take a beating so I've heard how painful it can be.
    Going to head over and check out your list now!

  7. Hahaha. Love your hint to the husband! :) Good for you for staying off the computer!

  8. Happy to see you back! I'm terrified of developing it! Hope you recover well, doll!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  9. Glad you are better! On my way to visit your guest post...


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