June 28, 2013

freshening the foyer - part 2

Previously, on Freshening the Foyer...

We were left with a blank space

and a can of this.

Specifically, Lucky Shamrock by Benjamin Moore. I have a lot of blue in my house and I really do love blue. But I didn't want to become one big blue house. So what goes with blue? What's welcoming and cheery? What would I want to see when I walk in the house everyday? 


And you all know how I like a good lookin' ceiling (like here and here) so I took that paint up north. Happy green ceiling - complete. Now for the walls.

My ultimate dream would be some Anna Spiro wallpaper but for now that isn't in the budget. So I went with this stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils thanks to a Sadie + Stella discount code a while back. (Thanks Lindsay)

And here is where this little spruce up went off the tracks a bit. I got the stencil, I was excited to use it and the walls were painted and ready. The hubs and I skimmed thru the directions (first mistake) and got to work.

And ended up with this. Ruh roh.

How's this for real life DIY? They don't always go so smoothly, am I right? I blame the little dots in the stencil. They threw us off some how. To be honest, I don't know what happened. The whole process went so fast (which I was rather surprised about) we didn't realize it until we stepped back to admire our finished work.

Major let down.

This all happened right before the party, of course, so it was a good lesson in letting things go. There was no time to fix it and I just didn't have the mental fortitude to make it happen.

So this is how it looked for a few weeks. And it drove me bonkers. The stencil is on crack, the mirror doesn't play well with the bench and its hung too high. And the trim still needs to be painted. Calgon, take me away.

Finally I psyched myself up to try this again. I repainted the whole space (thank god it is small) and after playing with the stencil BEFORE painting, revolutionary I know, I figured out what I needed to do.

So learn from my mistakes.

This is not something you can rush thru, even if it may seem straightforward. You will need to do one sheet and step back to check your work. Then place the sheet in the next spot and step back and check your work. Then roll the next sheet and, you guessed it, step back and check your work.

You will want to go over the stencil several times with your roller. Don't. It just makes a mess. And always roll in the one direction. Never back and forth or you will just end up with a big smeared blob.

Play with the amount of paint on your roller a bit before starting. The key is to find the perfect combo of the right amount of paint and the right amount of pressure so you can get the stencil on in one roll.

Much better.

Now all that is left is some styling, finding some sconces and figuring out a solution for the mirror. The round one that was there originally just didn't work.

This mirror is from the family room and I like it's size but I don't like the pine with the bench. But this mirror is from my parents and it is certainly a 'paint it and die' piece.

So my best girl Linda is helping me to scour Craigslist and I've already got a few options. With her mad skills, I bet I'll find something in no time. What kind of mirror would you add?

Look forward to the next installment of Freshening the Foyer to find out how this all ends. Will I get the trim painted? Will I find a mirror? Will I ever clean that floor properly? Too much excitement, I know.

And don't forget Google Reader is donezo on July 1. Have no fear though, you can continue to follow my sparkling personality and quick wit on Bloglovin. Find out how to import your list from Google Reader here.

Happy Day!


  1. It looks so cute! I know what it's like to make a DIY mistake and then have to psych up to do it again! Good for you for taking a breath, and then getting back to it. I love that bench too!

  2. Okay, so impressed with your fortitude. I could NEVER do this. Way too much ADD. It looks fantastic!! I'm thinking something with very simple lines for the mirror with that settee. BTW, very jealous of that settee. Should the mirror be black? I thought with your door...

  3. Love it! Some crown molding would really set that ceiling off. The green is so fun! Don't you think foyers should be fun and unexpected??! Just love it! xo Kristin

  4. Gorgeous!!! So much work! I see a lacquer mirror. Black, pink, or white?!

  5. I love that green ceiling and the stencil. So fresh!

  6. GREAT Job!!! i love it, and love that black glass front door and that bamboo bench...wow, it is looking sensational! Im so impressed!
    xo Nancy

  7. It looks so great! I love that you went with a bold color :)

  8. When I stenciled my guest room, I used grid paper to figure out how to tape it off...seemed to work easily once I had the tape up. Yours looks great....bravo!!!

  9. Love it - you've turned that foyer upside down (in a great way!!)

  10. It's looking great! I have never stenciled. Thought about it! Looking forward to the continuing saga!! We get ourselves into never ending dramas!! But it's fun, right?

  11. You didn't overlap the stencil the first time, right?! Love the natural tone against the green. I'm certain you'll find the perfect mirror on CL. Where is the pineapple pillow from? Too cute.

  12. Okay there are so many things I love about the final result: the Moravian star light (!), the green ceiling (!!), the bamboo bench (yum) and then the stencil - it came out so great! Aren't you glad you persevered? Such a pretty and welcoming entry!

  13. This post proves the old adage--"if at first you don't succeed, try, try again"! Your new entry is welcoming, bright and cheery. Do you think you'd try stenciling again? I'm contemplating a stenciling project, too, so I am really encouraged by your results!

    On a side note, are you considering a cushion on your bench? Not necessary, but it might add a nice, fun color. Just a thought!

  14. gorgeous entry!!!! Love the green ceiling the most Elizabeth!

  15. I kinda have to admit that I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the bamboo bench in its natural state. I mean, it would be super-cute painted a fun color (like green) but... there's something about that bamboo color that I like.

    Love, love, love the stencil. I'm gonna have to try using a roller with stencils next time. In the past I have just tried to do the dry brush thing and the edges of the design are never very crisp.

    Also, that door!! I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it! What an awesome amount of light it must let in! Love it too! :)

  16. Such a bright and cheery color to welcome everyone!

  17. I love it and I am so glad you showed the not-so-perfect first try. Mine would be worse.

  18. It's fresh, fun and a bit funky - LOVE it! Bet no one at the party even noticed! :)

  19. Love your stenciled wall and that green looks very fresh and pretty! You did a great job picking the color and stencil. I like your bench, too!

    Happy weekend!


  20. You have a lot of patience! Where did you find that bench, I looooove it!

  21. I love the color! And your rug.

    I would go with a black mirror.

  22. I love it! Kudos to you girl for getting back to it...I would have done the same thing. I love the green and how it plays off the natural bamboo. Now go and enjoy your weekend!!! ;-)

  23. Great post. My stomach dropped when I saw your first attempt. It really turned out great! I admire your persistence.

  24. It looks so good and I am giving you total props for taking so much time on his DIY--- your patience paid off. What a fun way to greet your visitors!!

  25. The green looks fantastic in your entry! It really opens open the space and the stencils pattern works perfectly. I've seen stencils used a lot recently and I really like the look. Love the pattern you've chosen and good for you.. not an easy job!

  26. Loving your new entry! I stenciled mine last year and also had an oops on spacing...but I did not repaint...just decided to go with it and no one has ever noticed!
    I agree with the other ladies who suggest a black mirror above the bench...will look fab there!

  27. You have more patience than me my dear! The finished product looks great - It's so hard to go back over decorating mistakes but it was definitely worth the effort - I love that poppy green, especially on the ceiling :) Can't wait to see the finished product all styled up! xxx

  28. I've been eying that wallpaper for awhile! Your patience definitely paid off - looks great! :)

  29. Elizabeth,
    Absolutely fantastic!! You must be so happy and proud. I'm so proud of you :) Way to go!

  30. Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous!! You know I have a soft spot for green...love the bench in there...I have to admit I like the round mirror, maybe it looks different in person but it looks really good in the pictures...love everything!!

  31. It looks stunning! I know it is so stressful when you put it all that work, and have to start ocver. I have definitely been there... more than once! But your persistance paid off. Great job. I absolutely love that bamboo bench!

  32. This is amazing. I love that you painted the ceiling the same color stencil print. I need this space. Love it.

  33. That is such a refreshing foyer! I love how the green and bamboo compliments each other!

  34. This looks soo good! Totally inspiring!

  35. What a happy little space! Sorry you had to do it twice, but your results are totally worth it!

  36. Love this!! And I love that you keep it real...it makes me feel as though I could actually tackle a stencil project. It turned out beautiful!

  37. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. So fun. I especially love how you painted the ceiling to give it that little extra oomph!

  38. This looks amazing!!! I love the Shamrock green and stencil!! Fab job :)

  39. This is so gorgeous! Such a great job, and I might have to copy. :) I'm thinking drapes though. It's such a lovely print!

  40. holy smokes. i keep thinking i'm going to get the gumption to do something like this in our foyer instead of spending millions on wallpaper...but i don't know if i have the patience. you did great!! want to come over? :)

    i think you could go a lot of directions with a mirror, actually. i'm liking black.

    also, still totally obsessed with the bench.

  41. Just, just...insanely good. The green, the pattern (I cannot tell you how many times I've almost bought that very stencil!), the the moravian star, your GORGEOUS bench. Now, that's a good mix, Lady. I've said it once, I've said it twice...you got it goin' on!


  42. OMG. I am bowing down now.

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