August 23, 2013

new sponsor - arianna belle

What better way to wrap up unofficial 'pillow week' with my official pillow source? A lot of you probably already know about Arianna Belle, maker of all things lovely, and if you don't you'll thank me in a minute.

I found Arianna way back when while doing one of my late night Etsy pillow searches. (I know how to have a good time) She created my Schumacher Ric Rac pillow and I've been a member of her fan club ever since.

Girlfriend can create anything you can dream up, her work is impeccable and her taste is spot on. Here are some I've added to my wish list. (take notes hubs)
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
Check out her shop and prepare to drool. Welcome Arianna Belle to the LBD family, I'm happy you are here!

Interested in a sponsorship with little black door? Email me!


  1. I want #4. Also, #1 and #8! Dang it! I have a pillow problem! xo Kristin

  2. in love with #4 the most! Checking her out now!

  3. I love them all! If I wasn't over-pillowed and under-funded I would take one of each. :)

  4. Yes!!! I pinned like 4 of those the other day. That magenta velvet needs to happen.

  5. I'll take two of each please (because pillows are best in pairs) :)

  6. Oh they are all so gorgeous! My guest bedroom closet is stuffed with cushions because they are the best thing to change up in a room to give it a bit of life but I wouldn't mind a stack of these to just roll around in. Lush! xxx

  7. So many lovely prints 2 and 8 are my favourites as the colours are so fresh.

  8. Love all of your picks! I'll take 1, 2 and 8 please :)

  9. Elizabeth,

    I just ordered two pillows from her shop last week! Ironic! Beautiful pillows!

  10. I had heard of her but never actually went to check out her pillows out. beautiful! Thanks for the intro and congrats to a fab sponsor!

  11. i've been trying to control my pillow addiction. this post isn't helping at all. love them all!

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