September 30, 2013

blue and white monday at the pink pagoda

Happy Monday y'all! I'm still recovering from an A+ weekend but I've got one more party in me. That's why I'm over at The Pink Pagoda joining in on the Blue and White Monday party.

Come over and join in on the fun.


  1. Love your quick change up in your kitchen! You may change my mind on the whole ginger jar thing :)

  2. You know I love blue and white. I'm totally there.

  3. Hey Elizabeth-
    You are one of the winners of the linen towel giveaway! Contact me with your information.

  4. Thanks so much for sending people over, Elizabeth! I love your blue and white shelves!

  5. Just came from there! Loved your shelves and all the other blue and white spaces! What a fun link party! Happy Monday! xx

  6. yah! so fun that you got your rear in gear to join this party!!!! I wanted to participate and couldn't do it! (couldn't get my act together!) i'm heading over now!!!)


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