August 5, 2014

talking tables with Tiffany Leigh

It's a triple T kind of day. Today I'm lucky enough to be over at Tiffany's place talking about my quirky little coffee table for her fun series, Coffee Table Tuesdays. Tiffany is apart of my morning reading regiment because she always manages to achieve a look that is both glam AND accessible. That is no small task people.

Tiffany also has an amazing talent for interior sketches. My plan is to one day have a whole wall of her creations.

I'm thrilled she asked me over for some coffee (table) talk. Be sure to check it out!


  1. A great collaboration- two of my favorite blogs! I have loved watching Tiffany grow as an artist and designer! Have a great day! xo Nancy

  2. I follow Tiffany on Instagram and love her vignettes and art!
    So talented. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your style. Love your coffee table. I'm off to check out more! Cheers!

  4. Love your quirky little coffee table and tips! :)

  5. Thank you so much for this sweet post and for being such an amazing blogging friend since day 1! <3

  6. Your table looks beautiful and you did a great job painting it. I have always loved the round tables like that.
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  7. Love your style!! That table is sexy as f**k. xxx

  8. Such a sweet post :) Your tables are adorable, you did an amazing work!
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  9. You have a great blog. I'm glad I stopped by. I love how your coffee table turned out... :)

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