August 25, 2015

it all comes down to books and flowers

While doing some prep work for a photo shoot recently I went thru my stacks of magazines, books, binders, and Pinterest for some inspiration. And y'all know what I realized? All you really need for styling is some flowers and a few books.

Miles Redd

Jeffrey Bilhuber
The really good photos, are where the rooms speak for themselves. A little bit of life (aka flowers) is added and a simple stack of books to say, "hell yeah this room gets used" and you've got yourself the makings of a great photo.

Deborah French
Of course this is with the understanding that the room itself is 'great'. But really that's what you are wanting to see - the details of the room. The more accessories that are added, that more they take away from the design. Just some flowers/plants and a few books and you are good.

Domaine: Angie Hranowsky

Peppermint Bliss
Everyone is in danger of overdosing on accessories (I've totally been guilty of this). I mean come on, how many times have you come home from HomeGoods with a whole bag of things you didn't even realize you needed? Maybe sometimes we should let those things pass. 

Now understand, I'm not into absolutes, so I won't say get rid of your knick knacks all together, but let's try to use a bit less fluff and instead really show off the furniture, lamps, pillows, curtains and rugs that you've spent quality time reinventing and refinishing or quality $$ purchasing. Let the big details shine.

Am I alone here? Do you ever get the less is more itch? Are you happy dusting all of those bits and bobbles? Let's discuss. 


  1. I really want less, a lot less. My stumbling block is that so many of those bits and bobs have a special story and the best I can do is stash and rotate accessories. Too much crap on surfaces does ruin a photo.

  2. Walls are a great place to mount some of your smaller knick-knacks to keep them off of surfaces while still keeping them on display. I'm working on a big gallery wall in my main stairway, and have used some neat travel souvenirs that were previously cluttering up the bookcase as "fillers" between frames. Now I enjoy them so much more!

  3. Amen! Instagram is filled with bad styling from those trying to be interior designers! Drives me crazy!!!!

    1. Wow, Jill! Perhaps you shouldn't look at Instagram? Your comment really came across to me as mean-spirited. I have followed your blog for years and until now was also a follower of you on Instagram.

  4. Totally are not alone! My problems is tossing the sentimental stuff. Then I just wish I knew how to get rid of the papers, bits, toys, and junk that get left around the house. I cannot declutter to save my life!

  5. That is exactly why my bookshelves are filled with books. I get hives when I try to style them or the coffee table with knicknacks, but books and flowers always feel right and not forced.

  6. So agree. Gradually I'm completing what has been a four year+ whole house remodel. Just this weekend I was able to take some books out and start filling up what is now our dining room-library. Books by the fireplace and two comfy chairs, good lighting and a place to set a drink. The whole room isn't done, but I keep looking at the promise of what will be.

  7. True dat! And who am I kidding, I'm not gonna dust on the regular anyway ;)

  8. Yes to less is more! Less stuff to dust around as well.

  9. Like Kerry I am always moving my accessories around and switching out for the season!
    Although I do go through and tell myself, okay this looks cluttered, and take away an item or two for awhile!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Alex Katz

  10. it go back and forth daily! I also think i change seasonally..I like more stuff in the winter than in the summer. great post!

  11. So true! I agree with Emily for some reason I like it more spare in the summer and a little more cluttered in the winter!!

  12. I totally agree with you…you know how they say:” A room without books is like a body without a soul”, so just one book can totally change a space. If you will add even some flowers, you will definitely bring the life into the room. :)
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  13. it all comes down to those amazing collections of colors!

  14. What a great post! SO true! I often find myself reflecting on the "accessories" around me and I really need those?! Do I really need that 15th black and white fur blanket I keep buying..... I am a firm believer in simplistic design.

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