November 10, 2011

damn you Ina

It is getting cold 'round these parts and the wind is picking up. We are full of coughs and runny noses. Fall is in the house. So this morning, while reading this post, I drooled over this picture.
Warm, caramely (is that a word?) apple goodness. I was still dreaming about it when I turned on Ina at lunch and what was she making? Apple Crisp. I took these as signs from the culinary gods that I needed to make some apple crisp. When Ina speaks, I listen.

I had made this recipe a few years ago at Christmas and it was a crowd pleaser. Syrup is the bacon of the dessert world, so anything with syrup is awesome (I did add a bit of Ina's flair though by adding some lemon and orange zest).  I also opt for one baking dish rather than ramekins. I love a cute ramekin as much as the next girl, but it sounds a lot better when you can say to yourself "I only had one big piece of apple crisp." rather than "I ate 4 ramekins of apple crisp."

Nice warm apple crisp, cozy slippers and a little Bravo. A good Thursday night.

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