July 28, 2014

paint it black

Black is having a big moment lately. Well, let's be real, black is never NOT having a moment in one form or another but right now it is large and in charge. Black bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, even kitchens have everyone's toes all curled with excitement. 

And this is all for good reason. It is no secret that black is the basis of all good things. Fashion and interiors always encourage adding a bit of black here and there. It helps to balance out an outfit or a room and it looks great with everything. When in doubt add black, right?

So why then don't we see more black when it comes to exteriors? Black (or dark grey/blue) makes the landscape pop and gives a very clean (ironic I know) and crisp look that I love big time.

I grew up in a black (cedar shake) house and I'm starting to crave that look again.



Would you go black outside? What's your favorite exterior color? Could I love anything more than a stained black fence? (the answer is no)

July 23, 2014

family dinners

My daughter's school has an annual trivia night/auction and this year a Little Black Door design board was up on the auction block. Better than the chopping block, right? After a few rounds a wonderful family won the prize. They are currently on the tail end of a major living room/dining room/kitchen reno and were looking for some help to tie the new open floor plan together.

Working with their beautiful paneled wainscoting, a great collection of black and white photography and their existing dining table, we worked to develop something casual, young and fun. By using upholstered pieces, the space will blend well with the living room which shares the same space and act as a great homework and project area when dinner parties aren't on the schedule. Multi-purpose with style my friends. I can't wait to see it come together.

Do you have a new space to tackle? Email me and we can turn that new room into your favorite room.

July 21, 2014

back to life

Back to reality. We are back from our wonderful annual trip to Florida and this year has been more of a challenge to get back into the swing of things than ever before. This year was our best year yet. Eve is old enough now that we don't have to break our day with an afternoon nap and the girls play so well together (most days) that they can entertain each other while I can occasionally sit still for a whole five minutes. Everyone is swimming like a fish and this year we got to celebrate my birthday, and America's, on the beach - where all birthdays should be celebrated.

But most importantly I unplugged and it was wonderful. Aside from the random Instagram here and there, I was offline. Blissfully offline. As much as I love this community I'm so lucky to be apart of and the work I get to do every day with my wonderful clients, it is important to let your mind breathe once in a while. I even passed up my yearly trip to Scott's this year on our way home as I was just too relaxed. Crazy.

We did tons of diving and digging and our annual sea shell collection will have lots of dollars in the pot.

Exploring is always on the schedule

as well as several daily walks on the beach.

Hmm. I can't imagine why I miss it already. So excuse the cobwebs while I try to get back on schedule. Luckily we have many birthday parties, reading projects and school shopping to snap us back to reality.

How do you get back to normal after vacation?

June 30, 2014

rest and relaxation

It is that time of year my friends. My favorite time of year - vacation time! We are down in Florida enjoying some quality beach time, family time and most likely some thrifting time as well. Follow along on Instagram to get all the latest.


See ya in two weeks!!

June 23, 2014

racing stripe bookcase: before and after

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glidden® paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.

While cleaning out my hall closet, I found a great little bookcase that had been hidden behind piles of coats, umbrellas and who knows what else. An old piece that came from my parents garage years ago that was sturdy but the victim of a very bad refinishing job.

So when Glidden® paint asked if I'd like to try their Glidden paint Duo Paint + Primer, I knew I had a good candidate on my hands. I wanted something bright and fresh for this little number. Something to give it a bit of style.

Color combos were an important consideration for me because I wanted something bright and, you know me - colorful, but I also wanted something different. What better chance to step out of your color comfort zone then with a blah piece of furniture, am I right? I even took a quick poll on Instagram.

Coral and white won out in the end thanks to a beautiful shade called Glidden paint's Cheery Cherry. Great name, right? Right up my alley. I tried the Glidden paint's Bright White in Eggshell and Glidden paint's Cheery Cherry in Semi-Gloss.

After stripping and sanding the bookshelf, I was ready to start painting. (Check this out for more info on how I strip and prep furniture for paint).

Disregard the beat up manicure and focus on my too very close hand. See any paint on there? Me neither. One of my biggest beefs when painting is all of the spray that ends up on my hand when rolling the paint on. I see one little spec of paint on my hand and this was after painting the whole piece. Aces.

Two coats later I had a bright white bookcase ready for a bit of fun.

All kinds of crazy ideas went thru my head on what to do with the inside of the bookshelf. I knew I didn't want to just paint the whole inside one color as that is the way it was before and it left the inside like a black hole. A stencil or some type of pattern crossed my mind but because of its size and fixed shelves, I thought it would end up looking too busy once it had books etc. inside. Ultimately, the single racing stripe won out.

The hubs helped to measure everything out to make sure that the stripe was centered and consistent all the way down.

Once the tape is down it is vital to paint one more coat of your base color over the tape to prevent any bleed thru. Learn from my mistakes people, this will make for very straight lines. It is so worth the extra step.

Two coats of Glidden paint's Cheery Cherry and I've got myself a racing stripe bookcase. I'm in love.

Straight lines make me giddy. And that semi gloss finish on the racing stripe gives just the right amount of shine.

I've already moved this bookcase into a few different spots, banging it when going thru doorways (when will I ever learn) but the paint has stayed in great shape. Not a nick in site. I'm loving the style it will bring to my new walk in closet.

Have you painted anything lately? Are you into racing stripes as much as I am? Is it possible that I'm obsessed with coral now?

memory lane and the perfect sunday

Good morning all! I'm hitting the ground running this week by sprinkling myself all over the place today. How's that for a Monday morning visual?

I'm over at my friend Jennifer's sharing my five favorite blog posts. I decided it would be a fun time to pull some older posts out of moth balls so it will be kind of like looking thru an old yearbook.

Click on over and check it out here!

And then be sure to stop by Short and Sweet where I'm talking about my perfect Sunday here. Love that series!

Check back in later this morning as well for a before and after! Like I said, hitting the ground running people.

June 20, 2014

fess up friday - short and sweet

Today is a good day for three reasons. One, it is Friday. (duh) Two, Alexa is here. And three, Kirby is here too. Kirby and Alexa, better known as Short and Sweet are a daily must read. One of the things I love best about their blog is that they are aces at mixing it up. Beauty posts, lifestyle, design and shopping - they cover it all but it is always original and relatable. And their fess up today is no different. I'm so glad they are here to wrap up Fess Up Friday for the summer. So ladies, fess up!

We are not fashion bloggers.

So much of the blogging world is aspirational. It's fun to see the way some of our favorite bloggers style the items sitting in our online shopping carts, but it's hard to take fashion photos in our real lives. We both have jobs. We each have a dog, and Alexa has a toddler and a baby. To be honest, outfit posts take a lot of time! First there's hair (are we the only ones who wear top knots 90% of the time?) and makeup (more makeup for photos is better), then there's the clothes, shoes (in case you didn't guess from the title of our blog we're both short), and lighting. The best photos are typically taken in the daylight, but we usually blog in the early morning or late night hours. Here are a few outfit post outtakes that didn't make the blog.

The lighting here is all wrong. All we had to do was cross the street to take better photos for the final post, but it took some trial and error.
This is Tank. He gets worried whenever the camera comes out and runs into the shot for a quick cuddle. Who can resist that face?
This is what happens when you wear something to brunch and try to take photos later. Even Photoshop can't fix those wrinkles.

There is so much going on here I'm not sure where to begin. Notice the random string of yard draped across the lawn. That was there for probably two weeks. As were the egg and doll house furniture. The baby was at a height of consternation at this point (as you can tell by his clenched fists).

"Mommy's taking a photo right now. Yes if you're good you can have a chocolate chip afterwards. Ok two chocolate chips. Ok three. Ok, why don't I just bake you two dozen chocolate chip cookies?" Also, notice the bandaid on my forefinger. No idea what that was from.

But, it's all in a day's work, right? At least for a blogger. ;)
Thanks for having us Elizabeth!

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