October 31, 2014

fess up friday - krystine from living pretty styled

I'm here..barely.  I've been sick. Sick as a dog. But luckily I've got my dear friend Krystine from Living Pretty Styled with a Fess Up Friday that will have me feeling better in no time.  Thanks Krystine for coming over, you know how to make a sick girl feel better.  Now, Fess Up!

So I have to confess, I'm a big confessor!  It's my Catholic upbringing and doing weekly confessionals.  The anxiety those would cause me!  But, now I confess things out loud and some times in public way too often.

Like one night recently my girlfriends came over to keep me company & drink wine while my husband traveled.  Well, they came over and left fairly early.  And for whatever reason I had this crazy boost of energy so I downloaded some new tunes, turned on the surround sound and had my own dance party in the den in front of the mirror for close to 45 minutes.  Everyone does that right?

Ok the big confession, I give myself total anxiety and stress myself out over projects & design challenges.  I procrastinate and then a week out before the project is due I whip it together like mashed potatoes or something like that.  I work better under time crunch and last minute because if I have too much time to think about things I over analyze, second guess and question my decisions obsessively.

Another big confession, I actually was born and raised in NJ until I was 15, but I try not to share that a lot with people down south b/c they get funny about northerners ;-) The one's that find out let me slide because I've been in South Carolina 20 years. 

This one I haven't confessed out loud. I'm a smother mother.  I love my kiddos more than I can explain.  I mean I'm stern and try my best to raise them right.  But, I'm also fun and chill and we jump on the beds and I totally over kiss their faces.  (oh the shame)

I speak Polish fluently and I like to aggravate my husband by making him think I'm talking about him to my family because he can't understand!

OK last one.  I'm a huge tom boy.  I grew up playing sports, beating all the boys in everything and being overly competitive.  I still have that competitive drive but it's more competition with myself to prove to myself that I can do something that I didn't think I could. Oh and even though I am tom boy, I LOVE dressing up.

If you need to hear anymore confessions you will have to fly down to Charleston, have a glass of wine with me or a grayhound.  

Thanks for having me Elizabeth!!!

October 27, 2014

reporting and restoring

Architectural Digest
New York Times 
Architectural Digest
Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post died last week. I've admired Mr. Bradlee since my pre-teen days. First, thru my journalism years when I thought he was just about the smartest and strongest man in the field. And then later when he and his wife, journalist Sally Quinn, bought Grey Gardens from Little Eddie after Big Eddie's death in 1979.

Now if you don't know about Grey Gardens, well then...for shame!!! Learn more about the documentary here and the movie here. Both are worth a watch on so many levels. Fascinating story, quotes delivered from a pot of gold, and oh course...duh, an amazing home.

Bradlee and Quinn lived out my ultimate dream - taking an old, rundown estate and restoring it back to it's original glory. They've used it as a summer house and rented it out to some very lucky tenants over the years and most importantly, saved a beautiful piece of history.

So in honor of Mr. Bradlee I will break out my old copy of A Good Life and do some reading, and watch All the Presidents Men and Grey Gardens and cheers a man who represented so many of my interests all rolled into one.

October 20, 2014

too much of a good thing?

Mary McDonald

Good Monday one and all. How's everyone today? Both of the girls have the next two days off school, so I'm pulling some tricks from my hat to entertain the crowd. But while I'll be coloring another picture of Elsa from Frozen and making playdough, I'll really be thinking of this room from Mary McDonald.

Can you ever have too much of a good thing in a room? I love red (I know I'm in the minority) and pink, which is really just 'diet red', so of course I think this room is heaven. Great mix of pattern, shades of the same hue, texture etc. But with all the upholstered pieces, curtains and accessories in shades of red/pink, would you grow tired of the mix?

What do you think? Too much or just right? Would you feel different if it was shades of blue instead of red? Do you have any idea why the girls have two days off in the middle of October? Yeah, me neither.

October 17, 2014

fess up friday - my notting hill

#TG&TF y'all!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your sweet comments and emails about our feature in Refresh Magazine. And what better way to celebrate than to bring back a little Fess Up Friday action! Wahoo!
Today we've got Michele from My Notting Hill. I've been a long time fan of Michele's and I learn something wonderful and design related each and every time I visit.  So Michele, fess up!

Elizabeth - thanks for the invite to Fess Up Friday!  They say a little confession every now and then is good for the psyche.  You know, releasing the pent up anxieties that come with trying to keep hidden one's foibles, and all that.

Well first I was going to fess up about my addiction to design but then realized in the world of bloggers and people who read blogs it's not all that unique. Besides, that pretty much gets chronicled on a weekly basis on my blog anyway.

So here goes my confession- I still use my Motorola Tracfone from 2008!  It's an old school flip phone and I kinda love it.   Yes, it is pretty much good for only two things:  calling and sending simple text messages, which by the way can take me forever to do on this key pad.  At one point my kids (now almost 21 and 16) said, "Mom, why do you keep spelling out numbers when you text us?" Sad truth - I didn't know that if I pushed one extra time I'd get to the number part…  That tidbit of info sure did save me some time.  I love that it's narrow and long and feels more like a real phone that stretches from your ear to your mouth.

I love the little mirror feature and use it to help me put on my lipstick.  I also love the fact that I only spend about $100 bucks a year total on minutes and that I'm never tempted to look at it when I'm walking somewhere because, let's face it, there's not much to look at. I haven't even changed the screensaver pic in over 6 years.

Just recently I went on a long weekend with college friends.  They couldn't believe I still had "that friggin flip phone."  I always tell people the same thing, "Oh, when my minutes expire, I'll finally get an iPhone" but I know that's a lie.  I plan on keeping this thing until it dies.    xo Michele

October 14, 2014

bh&g refresh magazine feature

I can't hold it in any longer! After teasing y'all for weeks (you are really good sports) I'm thrilled to share that my home is featured in the new issue of Better Homes & Gardens Refresh Magazine!! Woot Woot!!

There is so much to share about the whole experience, the shoot and the article, and now that I can spill the beans I'll be sharing every last detail. But for today, I'm just going to walk around with a goofy grin on my face and enjoy a wonderful day off.

So enjoy the sneak peak and I'll be back later this week with the full scoop. Happy Tuesday!

October 13, 2014

guest post - krystine edwards

Hey y'all. I'm out the door but wanted to say Hi and tell you to visit me over at Krystine Edwards today where I'm talking about design and a bit about myself. Check it out here!

And make sure to come back tomorrow for my little show and tell!

October 10, 2014

i've been waiting for you all week

Oh Friday. You have no idea how happy I am to see you!

Y'all, this week was Brutal. Yes, with a capital B. Glass shattered, fabric was wrong, furniture broke and tantrums were thrown. But all of that will be washed away now that you have arrived Friday. #TG&TF (thanks Chez V for coining such an awesome hashtag).

This weekend I plan to do a little shopping, some sourcing and celebrate the hubs birthday. And then I'll be back on Tuesday where I will FINALLY be able to share my big news!!

Happy TG&TF! See you on Tuesday!

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