November 4, 2011

i can't sleep with you staring at me

I've long wanted sconces by our bed. It would free up some bedside table real estate and work toward that cozy master bedroom that I never seem to have time to create. While hardwired sconces were not in the budget, I set out to find an alternative that suited and scored a pair from Home Depot.

And while I'm happy with them, the shades were just...sad. I wanted to do something with them but was trying to practice some self control (very unusual) and hold off until I knew what I wanted to do with our bedroom.

Sarah Richardson's words are always replaying in my DVR mind, and I remembered a trick she used in one of her Farmhouse bedrooms. I went on the hunt for some cool ribbon (yes there is such a thing) and found this little honey.

Dark navy 'man ribbon' and I'm in love. With ribbon giddiness over taking me, I got to wrappin' (with ribbon, not rhymes. Although my rhymes are tight). The whole thing only took about 20 minutes and I only got tangled up once, okay maybe twice.

This is by no means Elle Decor worthy but it was a cheap and easy way to give a bit more life to those shades and ease into this new room plan. I'm working on my inspiration board this weekend and then
its time to 'get to gettin' on this room. What little tricks have you tried to perk up a space?

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