November 18, 2011

monkey monkey underpants

I'm having trouble focusing. I sat down on the floor for some good nine month old fun when all of the paints chips laying on my estate sale table catch my eye. (who am I kidding, those suckers follow me around everywhere.)

I think I've decided on a color but then I think about changing something next to the table which turns into changing out pillows which leads into possibly dying slipcovers which ends with new paint color for the walls thereby totally revising the color for the table which started the whole thing.

Here is my brain lately.

I'll try and calm my 'big bag of weird' by having some quality Pinterest time today and probably starting another project altogether. Any ideas on how to get over 'design' block?

1 comment:

  1. hahaha i wandered over here from your post about wallpapering your bedroom with gift wrap. loreli makes me feel so much better about myself. enjoyed that thoroughly.

    as for your question about design block, i do what you in circles till i think of something else to do, then start a different project. it almost always solves the original problem and the sun eventually sets over another fulfilling day in the life of my brain. good luck!


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