February 29, 2012

shirt turned tray

What's that saying? "Never blue and green without something in between"? (or something like that) Well unless that something in between in the creamy center of an Oreo, I disagree. I know, I'm just that crazy. Just call me the rule breaker.

Take for instance this $4 tray from Michael's.

Don't fall asleep on me. I know, pretty boring right?

I've been trying to think of a way to tie the green I used on the mirror for the bedroom to something else in the room. And also I haven't picked a color for the walls yet, so I'm stalling with a smaller project. This still totally counts as 'progress in the bedroom' though! (Get your mind out of the gutter)

No problem, I'll spray the tray green. Easy, but still pretty boring.

I thought about a stencil like this

via Pinterest

or some sort of Greek Key inspiration, like I found in these bookcases.

via Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful

But I wasn't convinced.

Then while browsing J. Crew, I found this honey.

Now, I'm not drinking. I am aware that is not a tray but rather an article of clothing. But the look is just right. As Uma Therman would say, "Disco."

Off I went to Lowes for the thinest painters tape I could find - .75". I started with a piece down the middle and then worked my way out from there. 

I used a piece of the same size tape for my spacer, so the lines would be as symmetrical as possible. I just moved the spacer piece of tape after each line was set, working my way out to the ends.

Sorry for the Miami Vice lighting in this picture

One taped tray and I'm ready for paint. I love it already.

I knew touch ups would be needed, especially on the edges, so I was pretty liberal with the paint...as you can tell.

I used Navy Blue craft paint, as I couldn't think of a safe way to use Navy Blue spray paint with out a LOT more taping. It did take several coats to get even coverage but it dried super fast so my impatient self was satisfied.

My best Vanna White impression
After letting that final coat dry for a few hours, I pulled the tape for the reveal.


I like that the stripes are only inside, like a little surprise. As they say on Happy Endings - so cute!

There are some small touch ups to attend to, but I knew that would be the case. I'll also spray the whole thing with a coat (OK, two coats) of high gloss lacquer to protect it from the years of abuse and use it is in for.

This is going to serve me well as a make-up tray and general organizing type thing for my dresser. And its keeping my momentum going. This weekend, paint color for the walls will be picked! Promise.

Have you spray painted anything lately? Have any touch up paint advice? How do you organize your jewelry?


  1. I love this!!! And you're so cool for getting your inspiration from a shirt!
    I need to get a better system for organizing my jewelry- right now I've got the "real" stuff in a jewelry box and the "fake" stuff in a basket/tray thing. But they're just thrown in there and turn into a tangled mess all too often.

  2. This is gorgeous! Blue and green is one of my favorite combos and always has been. I'm just drawn to it. Great idea and nice job!

  3. Aren't trays great for pulling together different items and making them look like you planned for them to live together. Love your striped tray!

  4. Well that turned out super-cute. Four dollars, you say?
    I agree that this counts as progress in your bedroom. My mind is completely out of the gutter. ;)

  5. I LOVE this! I'm going to do one, too!! Maybe gold!? or who knows!

    1. Oh Megan, I think gold would be awesome!! Can't wait to see it!

  6. Well aren't you the little trend setter! I expect Michaels to be out of trays by now....after this little gem hits cyberspace!!! Cuteness.....

  7. Love this! Great job Elizabeth! It turned out so beautifully!

  8. Love it. Did that lacquer spray give it a lot of gloss?

    1. Thanks Linda! It did give it a nice gloss, although not quite as high gloss as I would have thought. Possibly due to the darker colors.

  9. What a fun project! Adore the stripes, so stylish and unexpected!

    Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments, you are so sweet. :)

    Have a good day!



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