March 21, 2012

dressed beds

Let's talk about your bed.

Now don't blush. I know we haven't known each other that long. But I'm interested.

Are you a white bed person?

via Better Homes and Gardens

Or do you like a little color while you sleep?

via Better Homes and Gardens

In pictures, I always seem to be drawn to a crisp, white fluffy bed.

via Lonny Magazine
via Somerset Bay

But in reality, I most often go for a bit of color (no surprise) when I pick out bedding. That of course might be influenced by the reality factor. Having a dog that spends much of her day in our bed makes me think twice about investing in any luscious white bedding. (especially during the rainy spring months when I often find muddy paw prints)

via Elle Decor
via Gus and Lula
via Domino Magazine
So which do you prefer? All white? Color and pattern? Or maybe a mix of both?


  1. Love your pics! I used to be an all white girl with a pop of one color... but I just recently did my bedroom and pattern has won! I still like crisp white sheets!

  2. All white...actually the whole family has all white. I figure it was a better investment since I like to change things so much, I'll never have to buy new bedding!

  3. I used to be all white too but now I like a little of both!

  4. I like mostly white with some color on pillows and maybe a throw. Pretty pictures!!

  5. I love a white relaxing and serene - just what I need at the end of the day!

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower - just discovered your blog via First Time Fancy! I love all white bedding, maybe with a few brightly coloured or patterned throw pillows, but I do find it's a bit of a challenge in real life. It seems to wear a little faster than the coloured stuff, but maybe I just need to buy better bedding haha.

  7. I like the looks of an all white bed, in magazines, but I think that is mostly because I am in awe. In my real life, I love color and pattern, probably because I have two dogs... and I love red so I will put that on everything-- like Frank's Red Hot! ;)

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  9. oooh, good question. I have a white duvet and pillow shams and bedskirt and some pink pillows and 1 with a little pattern. I guess I like the way the color and pattern jumps off of the white backdrop!

  10. I have been thinking about my bedroom, lately. I am leaning toward whitish walls with a few pops of color around the room. Each picture you posted, made me change my mind.

  11. I love a crisp white bed, but recently got some lovely Tahari purple sheets that I LOVE! Maybe I am turning a corner...

  12. So hard to decide. I think I have to go with white base lots of fun colorful pillows. That I what I am currently doing on my bed!

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