March 12, 2012

lonny love

Is anyone else draggy today? Whoever came up with the idea of Daylight Savings obviously did not have kids. A sick joke is what it is really.

But on to happier things - like the latest issue of Lonny Magazine. Nothing makes me happier than sitting out in the warm sunshine with my laptop and ice tea reading it page by page. For those of you that follow me on Pinterest, you know I'm pinning this issue like a crazy woman.

I always find amazing things to add to my wish list, like this (which would look great in my bedroom)

BeeLine Home via Lonny Magazine

and this.

Turtle Shell Brass Tray via Lonny Magazine

And then there are always a few dozen things I want to try out. 

Like this mirrored door.

Lonny Magazine

And painted faux molding (this would work great in my bedroom as well - I've got bedroom brain today).

Lonny Magazine

There are also great ideas for mixing high and low items.

Lonny Magazine

Be sure to take some time to look thru the latest issue. It is always a treat!


  1. I'm not surprised you like that door -- looks just like your icon. :)

    I loved the latest issue of Lonny too, particularly the Tobi Tobin beach house. It is right up my neutral/black loving alley!

  2. I feel like I could create that goard lamp? Great find! I love looking at online mags too... but I so miss the paper version!

    1. I totally believe you could Tiffany! I'd buy it from you :)


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