March 16, 2012

take a seat part 2

Happy Friday everyone!

When we last left our sad little settee she was moping in the garage, trying to suck in her gut and look a bit more attractive in the poor garage light. However I have no sympathy. I'm hard as nails I tell you. Someone needs to be honest - Sette, you are ugly.

But she's got a good personality (aka comfortable). And as anyone who has watched Can't Buy Me Love, She's Out Of Control or any o80s ugly duckling movie knows, settee's looks are nothing a day at the spa and a shopping spree montage can't fix.  Cue the montage music!

First spa treatment is piping removal (pretty similar to an eyebrow wax). This proved really easy as there were already a few spots that were frayed and just begging to be pulled. If only the whole project were this easy.

Next I dove into removing the fabric, and no fewer than 8,000 staples. Too bad there aren't any DIY projects on Pinterest using old upholstery staples. I'd rock that project out with my extensive supplies.

Even though I'm still on the fence about upholstering this myself or sending it out to a professional, I've read enough tutorials to know that its in my best interest to keep all pieces of fabric in tact so they can be used to make templates for the new fabric.

So we were very careful to keep all pieces in one piece

and label each piece so we (or the upholster) would know what goes were.

Finally I removed all the fabric and batting from the back and then took a shower. I knew this couch was old but...yuck. 

Proof of how gross we're talking here - these lovely treasures were found in the back behind the batting.

yes, that is a cigarette and vintage lip smackers

So now she is several pounds lighter, and her horrible nehru jacket is safe in a bag.

Settee, you already look better!

Next up - sanding and refinishing/painting. I think that's going to be an 11th hour decision.

What do you guys think - do you think I can tackle this upholstery job myself? Keep in mind, I've never upholstered anything. Ever. (But when has that stopped me before?) Anyone need some old school Lip Smacker for your collection?


  1. You are making me want to tackle my settee as well! Do it! Maybe use an inexpensive fabric for practice? You should frame that lip smacker! :)

  2. I am laughing in a kind of grossed out way about the contents of the Settee's pockets. Ugh. I would give you total credit for tackling it yourself. Personally, I think I would run out of patience, but the difference cost-wise would be huge, and there's no doubt you could make it look fabulous.

    Good luck either way!

  3. Woohoo, I love an upholstery project! Can't wait to see the finished one.

  4. I love your writing! Yes, I think you can tackle that sofa..There are so many tutorials out there, and I just did my sofa with drop cloths, but no tufting. YOU CAN DO IT, give it a try...
    check out my first reupholster post..
    Good Luck!

  5. Oh my yes, she really does look a lot better already! I'd love to see you tackle this. You'd be my hero.

  6. Please do tackle this yourself so I can take courage to tackle my own loveseat and armchairs! Funnily enough they look very similar, timber legs, msutard yellow velour upholstery...I'm just too scared to start ripping them apart!

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  7. Wow, so brave! Some friends came over to our house with their dog, who unbeknownst to everyone, managed to chew through an arm in an old chair my grandmother left me. I need to get it reupholstered but maybe I should just try it myself. Def looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I'm sure it'll save a ton.

  8. I love that lip Smacker! I'd buy it!


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