May 30, 2012

flea market fun

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice and relaxing weekend. Even though we had an extra day I feel rather behind this week. Does that ever happen to you? Anyone?

Anyway, on Monday I was able to make it to the annual Gypsy Caravan - one of the largest outdoor flea markets in the Midwest. I got there a little later than in years past but there was still plenty of good things.

This old prayer table would be so fun in an entry or as a bedside table. All you would have to do is unscrew the candle holder top thingy (is that sacrilegious?). It had the best patina.

A great old lamp for only $20. You know I love me some green.
I have no use for it, but really, who doesn't love a disco ball?!
This is the very same awesome teapot I saw back in December at my favorite antique store. Exactly the same as I recognized the guy running the booth. Only problem is - he'd marked it up. Bastard.
Wonderful old shutters.
A great selection of unique chandeliers. Love the one in the very back.
This set was in pristine condition and even had a whole for an umbrella.
By far the funniest thing I saw. This dude had 16 packets of this - you could easily do your whole room. Groovy.
Beautiful vintage milk bottles make for a lovely vase.
This booth had such amazing things.

I did walk away with one treat. This awesome vase (from the booth above) for $8. It is huge and lovely.

I will reward myself by filling this thing with some hydrangeas from the soon as it stops raining.

This gloomy day does make a perfect day for cleaning and laundry though. Oh joy.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the 'wahoo my bedroom is done' party.


  1. I think you were the one to tell me that rainy days are for movies? I can't believe all the goodness at the flea market. You have will power.

  2. Great stuff! I may have had to snag the disco ball...I am on pins and needles for your big reveal!!

  3. What a great day at the flea market! Its been a while since I have gone to our local one...but I love browsing all the booths and vendors...searching for treasures...the thrill of the hunt!

  4. Patio set please!!! I love that set and have been hoping to come across one ever since I saw it in House Beautiful!! What a find!

  5. I love that patio set as well! And the dressers are stunning! I just love flea markets-never know what you will find!

  6. i'm drooling over that green lamp!!! the patio set would be amazing on my patio (i'm in great pursuit of patio - vintage furniture this summer). that was a marvelous tour you provided, thank you! ~ Renae

  7. Looks like it was fun! Love the tea pot!

  8. What fun! I want the patio set. And Laura is right. It's the thrill of the hunt!

  9. OMG that white with gold polka dot tea pot is amazing! love it! such a great market!

  10. Hello, i have just popped over to your lovely blog. These flea pictures are amazing, if only I could find a flea like this in Australia. I live in Sydney, i design and make vintage inspired childrens clothes. I collect retro and vintage bit and pieces and love to reclaim old furniture. My latest project was buying an old beach house and renovating it, Im almost finished, landscaping being the last thing to tick of the list. If I had to choose what I would have bought at the flea, the religious statues, I love them. I hope you pop on over to my blog snd say hi? Roberta


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