August 13, 2012

elephants and eggs

One of my living room challenges is the layout. I believe, in fact, it is number 3 on my list. Now normally I have no problems with layouts. In fact, that's usually how I put myself to sleep at night (instead of counting sheep I move furniture).

But this time, I've got an elephant in the room. She is big and bossy and I love her.

The 'egg piano'.

For years my grandmother saved the money she earned selling eggs each week (from her chickens. on the farm. not her eggs.) to buy this piano. It was her pride and joy. It was later passed on to my parents and was the piano I took lessons on. Then, a few years ago my parents downsized and the piano came to live at my house.

But that wahoo comes with a however.

This baby is big. And there are very few places she will fit. And after finding her spot, there is the even bigger issue of how to treat her. For whatever reason, styling a piano seems daunting to me. Even Pinterest didn't have many examples. (bite my tongue, I know)
via Pinterest
The Selby
Miss Mustard Seed
Home Life
Residence via Scandinavian Chic 
So what say you? Have you ever worked with a piano? Any ideas on how to integrate it? What would you buy with your egg money?


  1. I wish I could help solve your piano problem! My mother-in-law wants to give us her piano, but I don't know where to put it! I'll be following along to decide what you do! :)

  2. I don't have one but my grandmother does. She puts it between her sofa and a chair (in an L shape formation on two walls) and uses it to hold all of her grandchildren's pictures. Not the fanciest thing, but she uses it more like some people would use a fireplace mantel. It's there, but you can put furniture next to it or around it (as long as you can still use it) and you're good. If that piano was mine, I'd keep it simple so the beauty of the piano would show through. Good luck!!

  3. I've never styled a piano, but from your inspiration pics I really like the idea of hanging a large piece of art above it and adding a few small accessories to the top. The piano is so gorgeous I think you want to make sure it's the star. Good luck!

  4. Oh I know how you feel! I inherited a baby grand piano from my parents and now I just want it gone! Luckily my mom has said sell it, but yes it is the big elephant in my space too! And I do the same thing! I totally do spaceplanning in my head as I fall asleep!

  5. That piano is gorgeous...and the story she comes with makes her even more beautiful! We have a piano in our front room too...from my oldest who took lessons for 8+yrs. Now he is off to college and no one else plays. I wish I could help with the styling issue but I too have struggled. I love the white image in the last photo but I would never attempt to paint a piano...way over my DIY threshold! Good Luck!

  6. I do the same..go to sleep moving furniture. Never had a piano challenge. I like the one with the picture leaning on top. Gives it a relaxed friendly feel. Sometimes pianos can be so "stiff".

  7. My mom bought me a starter piano in elementary school, but it wasn't as gorgeous as yours. I love the way the one in the image from the Selby is styled up - very cool, and I have no doubt you'll figure out something fabulous!

  8. That piano is sure purdy, and I love the story that goes along with it. I really like the first photo, with the whimsical, quirky accessories. Maybe an interesting sign, or word over the piano - or a gallery wall. You should definitely find some accessory that has to do with eggs, I think. A nest? A chicken crate shelf?
    I also like that they only put a few accessories on the top of the piano in that first pic. I'm not a huge fan of a bunch of photos and knick knacks on there.
    We have a big piano too, one that we gave to our daughter for Christmas last year so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with here.

  9. Well Elizabeth, that is a problem. If you have fireplace in your room that should be the focal area, huh? But if not, I'd place the piano where the fireplace would go nicely and go crazy. I love the pinterest shot of the white piano that blends into the wall. That is nicely done cuz it takes care of a huge item in a camouflaged way. The other shots of Pinterest were a bit too strange.

    Once again I love your sense of humor!! (not her eggs). Egg money? These days a $100 modern art painting at Gordmans is on my list.

  10. That is one great piano! We recently got one. It is now in the living room. I'm not sure how to style it either. Right now, there's a big black and white nude painting resting on top of it. I like Meg's idea about the eggs, how about an ostrich egg? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  11. I love your piano! And the fact that its an heirloom makes it all the more worth displaying! I know that colors are a bit st ring and Design very classic, but nowadays, it's all about mixing styles and trends into one cohesive look! Ok, I think I'm confusing you more, but anyhow, I have a piano too, bought it 2nd hand from a church, and currently that's where our fish resides and a few other knock-knacks, I'll show you a pic one of these days, but anyhow, I'm sure you'll find someway of making it all work out. :-)

    As for the egg money? Hmmm, maybe an original painting from a favorite artist of mine, Malang. :-)

  12. It's a very nice piano, thank goodness for those eggs! There are two ways approach it if you think about it. The first is to make it the focal point of the room like some rooms are focused around a tv. The other is to put it off in the background but make it a nice area so you want to be there - like in the top photo.

    I think you really should take lessons. I did when I was 6 or so and then after a few years I quit and then I decided I wanted lessons again in high school with a man that let us pick our own songs. I can still play the star wars theme song {not well, but it involves both hands so that's something} so I don't think it's that hard to pick up or to remember.

  13. I was just sitting in my parents living room thinking....that piano looks so bad against that wall, styled like that. Good luck with this one.

  14. This is a great challenge to have! I love that iit has such a wonderful story and I think you can make it yours by decorating around it. I love the first photo....use something large and modern to bring it up to date and so it can contrast with that beautiful wood. Lucky girl!

  15. I love the sign above it in that first pic. Would you ever paint it? I have thought about painting ours for years but never had the courage to do it.


  16. I do think pianos are hard to decorate around because the are so big! I love the last picture where it is painted white...although I am sure that is a huge decision....

  17. I've never worked with a piano, but I just LOVE that story and you can never get rid of that thing- its just perfection!

  18. We had a piano that we sold because our daughter refused to practice. It was so hard to work into a space. I'll be getting the family piano at some point and will need to figure it out. I'll learn from you! The egg story is wonderful. And thinking about what to do with egg money is fun! I think it would have to be de Gournay or Gracie wallpaper for me!

  19. It's such a nice story, it will come to you one night as you lay awake. Im certain of it. great inspiration shots! Those Piano's are positively cool.

  20. Love your story and love the inspiration pics! I've never had a piano to work with (I would never have the space for one) but I really like the way the first pic is kept pretty simple with a fabulous neon light above. It makes the piano the star and doesn't attempt to conceal it like it's just a piece of furniture. The Selby one looks cool but I don't think anyone ever plays it - the first one, you can just see people crowded around sing-a-long style :) xxx

  21. I just inherited a piano this year, myself - also from downsizing, but it was my in-laws'. I agree that styling it can be challenging, but what if you thought of it as if you were styling a mantel? That's how I've approached mine! I should post pictures. :)

    Stopping by from Living Savvy - so glad I did!


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