September 4, 2012

guest post - lemondrop dreams

Hey my friends! I hope you all are enjoying my vacation as much as I am. :) Before I get to my dear friend Colleen, I wanted to let you know I'm also revealing a makeover today at The Mustard Ceiling on an old piece of (literal) trash. Check it out...after you read Colleen!

Hello all you lovely Little Black Door readers!  I’m Colleen from lemonDrop dreams…I was just giddy when Elizabeth asked me to guest post on her blog…I stumbled across Elizabeth’s blog via another blog a while back and have been an addict ever since!
Today I’m going to share with you my fancy new custom made slipcovers
I went from this…
To this…

Quite a punch in the face, no??  Since the base of the room  is now done it’s time to do some zhushing…rug, art and my personal favorite, PILLOWS!!
Here are some options I’m considering…
for the green couch, because really, what’s better than green and leopard??
Leopard Print Linen Blend 17" Pillow Cover
Leopard Print Cotton Velvet 17" Pillow Cover
And since I love to add a little bit of quirk around my house these would be good with the polka dots…
Hug Needlepoint Kit - small
If only this were true…
I wonder if I can DIY this…
So there you have it ladies (& gents)…Hope you enjoyed my humble abode!!
Thanks again Elizabeth for inviting me over for a little show & tell!!


  1. The green with the floral wing chairs look amazing! Love your pillow choices too! Needlepoint pillows are my current obsession too.

  2. that looks amazing! great job transforming the space into a modern, happy, colorful space. My favorite detail is using the dots as the lining for the ottoman. so cute!

  3. colleen is so great with color and has made such ahappy home!

  4. Looks wonderful! Love the wing chairs and couch with the beams! Lovin' the space! Target had some CUTE needle point pillows on clearance the other day! I just so happened to pick one up! Lovin it!

  5. Such fun colors and patterns. Love those gold painted vases too!

  6. wow - never though slip covers can look that good!!! great choice on the bold green and the dots!!!!! I'm also lovin' the needlepoint pillows, this will look totally fab on your "new " sofas!

  7. Thanks Elizabeth and Colleen! Love the outcomes/afters and the text with cleaver info.

    It is always refreshing here at the Little Black Door.

  8. It looks great! I vote for the leapard print pillows for the couch.

  9. Ooo, polka dots and green? Yum! And goodness the slipcovers look super well made. I'd love to find someone here you can do work like that.

  10. Those slipcovers are INCREDIBLE! I adore them... especially the florals on those wing backs! Absolutely beautiful!

  11. HOLY HECK I'm amazed at your fabulous skill! Those slipcovers just transform the space and the mix of patterns is truly inspired - love the idea of mixing it up with a bit of leopard :) Great post! xxx

  12. I am dying. I just posted about those leopard pillows today! The exact same ones. ha!


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