September 7, 2012

guest post - my best friend craig

Hi Everyone!  I'm Charmaine from My Best Friend Craig and I'm happy to be filling in for Elizabeth while she enjoys some time off with her family.  

Today I want to show you some mother of pearl inlay furniture.

Architectural Digest

Don't you just love them!

Graham and Green

They are so exquisite and beautifully handcrafted!

Graham and Green

via decorpad

They also come in fun colors.

Graham and Green



and small


But they can also cost you an arm and a leg!

Jenny from LGN did an amazing DIY...

I also recently discovered  this stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils...

Don't they look like the real deal?!

Have you done any DIY's lately?


  1. I love those bone inlay pieces, but they do cost an arm and a leg. I have never seen that stencil! Brilliant find Charmaine! I think you could just about stencil any design. Are you going to do it? Oh boy, now you get to find desk on CL!!!! or do you have one? Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  2. Those inlay pieces are amazing but usually out of my budget. That stenciled piece is amazing - and looks like the real thing!

  3. C - we should do a "challenge" - lets both do a DIY inlay piece of furniture!! this is GENIUS

  4. So interesting! These pieces are gorgeous, and how great to DIY one for a fraction of the cost!

  5. Wooo I love that stencil! It looks legit. Loved Jenny's DIY when I saw it too!

  6. Love it but my DIY projects usually turn out DOA. - Brandy

  7. Thanks again Elizabeth for having me over today!
    B - Let's do it!

  8. Those stenciled ones totally look like the real thing!! I love this look, it's so pretty!

  9. So stunning! I love these pieces and have considered trying to DIY one myself -- but was scared of the idea until I found this post AND the stencil. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I bet you could get even closer to the real look with a bottle of pearlescent nail polish to add a highlight to the whiter areas.


  10. oooh, i do love them but I dont think I have the patience for such a project! I have done some DIY lately, but not as intricate as those. Have a great weekend ladies!

  11. I'm always sighing over Graham & Green's inlay furniture but that stencil is just TO DIE FOR. Absolutely genius find! xxx

  12. Gorgeous! Love the stencil. I'll add that to my DIY list...


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