October 30, 2012

buffalo soldier

Do you think Bob Marley had any buffalo check pillows? Where does 'buffalo check' come from anyway? Totally off topic. Moving on...

Many of you were super curious about this teaser pic I shared last week.

Well, I would love to say that these beauties are now sitting pretty in my dining room but actually I recovered them for a client. I'm working with a cute and energetic young family on their new to them house. We'll call them Family F (for fun).

Mrs. F inherited her mom's dining room furniture and wanted to give it a refresh for her family. Here is what we started with.

The chairs are in great shape, but the fabric had seen one too many dinners.

We are going to be working with blues thru out the kitchen, dinning room and living room so this navy and white buffalo check was a great base. Me and Mrs. F love a good buffalo check.

Now there are 6 of these suckers, so it took me the better part of a week to get them all done. Sadly though I didn't take pictures during the process. Bad blogger. I was just too busy concentrating.

But no worries, I'll reenact it for you - unscrew, rip fabric, pull staples, many staples, cut fabric, attach new foam, staple fabric, staple more, re-screw. Repeat. Thank god for Bravo and DVR.

There were many squeals and happy jigs when the chairs were delivered. And Mrs. F loved them too!

I love a good furniture refresh! This room is off to a great start and I'll be sure to share more as it progresses.

So what about you? Any fabrics or patterns you are in to lately? C'mon now, wouldn't these look great in my dinning room?


  1. I'm really into buffalo check right now too. Those chairs look great, can't wait to see more in that room!

  2. The chairs look great! I'm also in the process of transforming some dining chairs. When you cut the foam, did you just use regular scissors? For some reason, I'm envisioning this step to be harder than it may actually be. I keep thinking an electric cutting knife could work well. Would love to know what you did. Thanks!

  3. Love! This room is going to look fab!

  4. LOVE the large scale on those chairs! Fab!

  5. Love buffalo check and LOVE these chairs. And I'm pretty sure Bob Marley will be in my head...and my car for at least the rest of the day :)

  6. I love buffalo check! these chairs are amazing - great job.

  7. Yay! What a lovely resurrection of some very bland chairs!! I can't help but think of my 'grunge' days in the early 90s when I see buffalo check - I must've had about 10 shirts in plaid... dear god!!! I know, I'm showing my age there. Anyway, these are adorable and not at all grungey ;) xxx

  8. I love this fabric! Buffalo check is such a classic print. I love the whole dining set! This room is definitely off to a great start. Mrs. F. has a great decorator to work with! :)

  9. Oh Elizabeth, you talented soul! Those are lovely and very dynamic and fresh. I love the buffalo checks! Never knew those large checks were termed buffalo checks but ya know that makes sense. I didn't know you had (a)client(s). Congratulations! Mrs F will be very please all along the way, I'm sure!!!

  10. I'd squeal too! These are delish. You done good, Lady! Seriously, nice work.

  11. Love the fabric! The chairs look so fresh now and I love how the check plays off the lines of the chair. Can't wait to see more!



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