November 5, 2012

helping out

Thinking about my many friends and the thousands of others who are still without power and will be climbing an uphill battle for weeks due to that wench Sandy.

Even if you are far away, you can still help by going to the Red Cross and donating today.


  1. Thanks Elizabeth. I will get some money over to them soon. Thanks for the kick in my buttt!

  2. It's awful isn't it... thankfully, my family and friends are safe and well (although many still do not have power) but it's too easy to forget those that lost so much. Thanks for the reminder xxx

  3. It's so sad what they are going through up there. Being from Florida, we always kind of shrug our shoulders at the hurricanes, because most of the time when they are suppose to be "the mother of all storms" there ends up just being some rain and a few leaves getting blown off the trees. Seeing all the damage that this storm did was pretty sobering and reminded me what a big deal these storms can be. Praying for everyone affected by Sandy.

  4. She was a total wench...not a lady at all.


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