November 28, 2012

santa's work is done

I know at this time of year there are more gift guides than Justin Bieber tweets, but you can stop the hunt. to & from has the very best one. Remember when the Sears catalog would arrive in the mail when you were a kid and you'd go thru each and every page of the toy section? This is just like that, only way better stuff.

All images via to & from

Check it out. It covers absolutely everyone on your list.


  1. Since everyone is chatting "To & From" up, I suppose I should check it out! I'm needing some gift inspiration this year.

  2. I used to love getting the sears gift book! I will so be checking this out! Can you get it in real form or is it just online?

  3. oh how i pored over that sears catalog.... i remember that!!!

  4. This is new to me, going to check it out.

  5. Elizabeth! hi there! very cool. thanks. i don't have a large list this year cuz our fam revamped the system so we only give to names we draw (thhhhannk yyyouuu) and yet this is a helpful thingy I needed to see! have fun.

  6. There is sooooo many gorgeous things in there! Whilst I'm unable to purchase the majority of it here, it's still given me some great ideas to find similar on my shores! Great shout out, I'd not seen this before!

    And yes, totally used to pour over the Sears catalogue - by the time I gave it back to the folks, every other page was dog earred! lol xxx

  7. I never tire of gift guides - thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, I totally did that when I was little. I'm not sure if it was Sears or not, but if I found a catalog I found things in it I wanted.

    I'm already done with my shopping, just one more thing to get online tonight but the list does look like it has some nice things on it.

  9. WOW! Thanks for sharing this! i didnt even know this existed! I love browsing thru everything! The only bad thing is, I may have to redo my gift shopping list a bit! LOL! :-)

  10. I LOVE this book! It is utterly fabulous and features a ton of my fave bloggers! Have a great weekend!

Holly Foxen Wells


  11. I do love looking--Thank you for the link

  12. This is a great guide. Wonderful collaboration among some of the best tastes!
    xo Nancy

  13. Wow, you seriously just did all the work for me! So fabulously curated and color-coordinated too...perfect for all my girls who rock hot pink!

    Also- I’m hosting a d├ęcor-to-dress giveaway where 3 winners will WIN a fabulous frock of their choice just in time for the holidays! Hope you’ll stop by to enter the contest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog


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