December 3, 2012

from coast to coast

Happy Monday everybody!

It's like spring here today and I'm loving it. The girls and I are going to go outside for a nice long w-a-l-k (shhh. we can't say walk out loud, it sends the dog into hysterics) to the park and finish some outdoor christmas prep. But before we head out I wanted to share a quick before and after with you.

Nothing too crazy, but something that has bugged me for years.

The stairway down to our finished basement/family room/playroom/doesn't-get-cleaned-often room. It is hard to tell from the picture (as it's an awkward place to photograph) but it is just a big huge vast space of...nothing. And nothing drives me bonkers more than a HUGE blank wall.

I know, 'Get off your arse and hang a picture then, big deal'. But a piece of art or a picture that would fill up that space would be mega bucks and a gallery wall is not an option as this requires a crane practically to hang one nail. The hubs would not go for that. And since he's the one that gets up on the ladder, good man that he is, I thought I'd be nice. Want to save up my 'will you please do this crazy project with me' points for bigger spaces.

After keeping my eye out for something big and cheap, I finally found a great solution at my favorite salvage place.

So the ladder came out,

some circ de soleil moves happened,

and problem solved.

An old map from a school that had closed in the area. Now we grab a bit of education on our way down to watch TV. And we hung it just high enough so that little hands can't rub, rip, pull or whatever else little hands tend to do.

Do you have any area of your house that drives you crazy? Have a precarious spot that you've had to hang something? Wanna come to the park with us?


  1. Elizabeth! morning! yes, i want to go to the park. any thing to keep my mind off of the fact that i accidentally broke my camera!!!! urgh!!! did you see my post? crud.

    BRILLIANT idea here for the space. loving the mirror and of course the cheap and educational feature of a MAP. YOU ARE SMART!

  2. Haha, I have an old school map too. I have been waiting to frame it before I hang it....going on 3 years now. Did anyone ever tell you that you have an impressive ladder?

  3. The map looks great there! And I love the mirror on the adjoining wall - antique?

  4. love this idea. the map looks great. so colorful and fun!!! love love love

    i've also been dying to try this idea i found on pinterest...apparently staples will print engineer size photos for $4.99 and they are 3 ft x 4 ft. i have this in the back of my mind for my basement if i can find an action shot of my kids. i think it would be a cool way to fill the space on a wall.

  5. Love the map idea - educational and stylish. Win win. We just hang a map down in the 'man cave' and it's done a lot to give a pretty bare space some personality. My hallway desperately needs work - it's narrow but very tall and I have no clue what I want to do with it. I should probably finish the 16 other projects I have going on before I deal with that one however!! Hope you're having a lovely week my dear ;) xxx

  6. That looks great there!! I love all the color it adds! We have a huge blank wall on our stairs too. I'd love to do something to it but like yours, my hubs is the one who has to climb the ladder and he wasn't thrilled with the idea of trying to balance while hanging a gallery wall in the stairway. If we were going to be here a long time I'd say it had to happen but since we're just renting I've chosen to ignore the big blank wall. this house has bigger problems anyway. Enjoy your walk!

  7. What a great solution- I love all the color it adds there!

  8. Would love to know the name of that favorite salvage spot :) On another note, I was at House of Fabric's in Brentwood this morning, and I saw a girl with two young daughters, which made me wonder if perhaps it was you :) haha, I actually asked the person's name (b/c I have no shame) and learned that it was not in fact you. It would be fun to cross paths and I promise I'm not a cra-cra stalker :)

  9. Love it and all the color it adds!

  10. Yes I want to come to the park with you! Great solution for that space. I have a basement stairwell to our decorating studio, so we're hanging room boards, and swatches, but that will change Im sure. Have a great week.
    xo Nancy

  11. Hahaha you have the problem of a blank wall in need of school maps...and I have a fabulous old set of hanging school maps...but no blank walls on which to hang them! Which just goes to show that the universe is always in balance.

  12. Certainly you were kidding when you asked if any area of my house drives me crazy...right?!? How about at least one area in every room! Love the solution to yours with the old school map. Now I need to get off the computer and get back to decorating the tree, and mantel, and front porch...

  13. The map looks great and really fills up the space!

  14. Oh a day at the park--Yay! I had the same thought as Redilocks-great decor idea but with an educational slant--Terrific!

  15. Super cute solution! I love the pop of color and the small bit of education!

  16. the map was the perfect item to fill that area. great job! love it.

  17. Well, I'd say that's the PERFECT thing for the huge blank wall. Huge, good-lookin', colorful, and out of the way of little hands. What more can you ask for? :)


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