February 18, 2013

mirror mirror

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We are still recovering from a weekend of 2-year-old birthday party fun and now preparing for the 2-year-old check up that will be happening in just a few short hours. (how I hate when my wee ones get shots)

But before I go I thought I would leave you with some mirror eye candy. I noticed lately that I'm pinning a lot of mirrors. The irony of which is not lost on me as I just got a hor.rif.ic haircut and won't be looking in a mirror for quite some time. Maybe I should start pinning hats too.

Mirrors are one of the best decorating tools available as they can instantly change a room, and great ones are available at every price point. When in doubt about what to put on the wall, add a mirror. You can never have too many. (I have an extra 6 in my basement 'store' right now)

Find these images and more on my Pinterest board.

Do you have a favorite mirror? Have you found/seen any cool ones lately? Any suggestions on how I get my hair to grow at lightening speed?


  1. Miles Redd said he never met a mirror he didn't like and I agree. Love all the ones you've pinned. I think I follow you on Pinterest but I'll make sure I do. Sorry about your hair. I'm sure it will grow quickly, and I bet it looks cuter than you think.

    Good luck at the check-up - shots are the worst. :(

  2. I love a good mirror, too. So sorry to hear about the hair cut. It should be fine by spring, so wear a hat?

  3. I love the blue one.

    Biotin is supposed to help hair (and nails) grow faster. Also I read somewhere lemon juice helps. I was using lemon juice on my hair to help natural highlights and didn't realize why my hair got so long so fast.

  4. I really like the top mirror a lot! I don't have a ton of them but I do find myself drawn to especially ornate mirrors.

    I'm sorry I don't have much advice on your hair except that I usually go with the ponytail method - that only works if you have long hair. You can also try rosemary essential oil but I think it smells pretty bad.

  5. I have been lusting after the Palazzo Antiqued-Glass Mirror from Restoration Hardware for months. I will give it a warm and loving home. I just need a 90% off sale. Love the interesting shapes that you posted.

  6. I agree with you! Mirrors are the best kept Secret for making a room look stunning out there!
    Even inexpensive mirror tiles can be made to look like a million!
    MC and I have mirrors everywhere...non of which I EVER look into!!!!

  7. I love these mirrors you've shown, seriously they are all lust-inducing and totally swoon worthy! Alas, I can never find really interesting mirrors in the UK - they all seem to look the same to me! But I do love me a starburst so I suppose I just have to hang with that - I have 4 of them :/ I want a peacock one though desperately. Someday, someday. Sorry about your hair, there's nothing worse than hating a new haircut but I'm sure you'll figure out a way too make it look cute. Take comfort in the fact that in the warmer months it grows quicker ;) xxx

  8. I have a thing for mirrors, too, and these are gorgeous. When it was time to take my daughter for shots, I always sent my husband. Just couldn't do it!

  9. Love using mirrors in my decor...and have several favorites! I have to stop myself sometimes from using too many in one room...not a good idea until the carnival fun house look comes into style! Sorry to hear about your hair...nothing grows slower than a bad hair do...or as I call it a "hair don't"!

  10. I do love a pretty mirror but I have run out of wall space for any more. I would love a pagoda mirror.

  11. Lol. I think you should really start pinning hats.
    Anyway, I really loved these mirrors specially the first one.
    I love details of it. I actually love huge mirrors.

    Nicholle Olores - Allkind Joinery

  12. We just added a mirror that we had laying around into our dining room and it makes such a huge difference. I was also over at my SIL's this past weekend and she had inquired about adding a mirror over their fireplace, which I promptly responded YES! She already got one and I can't wait to see how it looks and how much more light it will bring in. And our 2-year-old's are just about 6 months apart - my little girl's birthday is in August. They are so fun!! Hope the appointment went well - shots are the worst.

  13. Love my basement 'store' mostly lamps, frames and pillows! I have mirrors all over the place, and come to think of it I haven't had a new one for awhile!


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