March 27, 2013

favorite room fun

I'm over at Sadie + Stella today talking about my favorite room. (three guess which one it is). Go over and check it out. And I swear this will be the last time we all chat about this room for a while.

Also, be sure to come back on Friday as I have two big things to share. Literally, they are both large in size...and kinda heavy.


  1. I may just have to bloggernap you to come help me if you keep flaunting that gallery wall perfection....

  2. Just saw it, I love your ORC room! xo Kristin

  3. I can guess which room it is...checking it out, can't wait til Friday!!

  4. I have animal head envy....didn't know it, until I visited you.

  5. You know, Elizabeth, I have been blogging for nearly a year and I don't get how these guest posts are suppose to work? I've even done some as the host. And everyone posts in the wrong place, I think. So I am still not sure so I am posting in both places. So there. hahahahaha. Did you see my necklace today? Oh, you have got to see it. It was only $4 whole smackers, too. It is nice to stop by, here again. I have missed your posts of late. Crazy blogging goes all over the place these days. (hug)

  6. I just left a long gushing post over on S&S so I won't ramble again. I'll just say holy crap for the second time. It's awesome.


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