November 1, 2013

fess up friday - meet me in philadelphia

Can I get a hallelujah for the fact that its Friday? I'm hard at work getting ready for the big One Room Challenge reveal on Wednesday (light a candle that I can make the deadline) but I've got my girl Ashley from Meet me in Philadelphia to fess up today. Ashley not only creates amazing spaces in her own home (I want to copy her den inch by inch) but she also sells some of her killer finds on her Etsy shop. If you follow Ashley, you know why I crush on her so much. If I'm introducing you to her, your welcome. Take it away Ashley...

Happy Fess Up Friday, Little Black Door readers! I want to thank the awesome Elizabeth for inviting me to spill my guts in this series. Only a wonderful, hilarious, talented blog friend like Elizabeth could get me to do this…so here goes, my confession:

I love crafting but I cringe when I say that. If I could (and if my creativity would never run out) it would be crafting all day, every day. Glue guns, glitter, embroidery floss…I love it all. Turning raw materials into something else is the best feeling as far as I'm concerned. So, what’s weird about crafting, you wonder?

For many, crafting is a four-letter word. Crafting gets a bad rap and here’s the visual proof why:

I was at Joann Fabrics recently and snapped this picture of a huge display of these craptastic fleece no-sew blankets (read: a crapload of craptastic crap). When I took the pic I was kind of embarrassed, wondering if anyone was thinking, “She must be taking a photo because she loves them so much.” God, no.

“Crafts” like these give a bad name to the really brilliant handiwork out there. Let me show you what I mean:

Good crafts are out there! I don’t want to be embarrassed to use the word craft or to call myself a crafter anymore. So, look out world, I love to craft and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Thanks, Elizabeth and LBD readers for having me today!

I promise Ashley, I won't think of craft as a four letter word any longer (even though it is five words). What say you? Do you all craft?


  1. mental note, do not make those broom rudolphs i had planned. drats.

  2. Good taste does separate a good craft from a bad one. I love crafting....the good kind of course!

  3. Thanks for having me, lady! And Cassie--those reindeer brooms are pretty terrible, huh?

  4. Love that you featured sweet, funny Ashley - she's the best. And she is the best crafter around. I'm glad she's bringing crafting the dignity it deserves!

  5. A crafter that makes crafting cool!! Girl after my own heart. I'm loving those painted spring napkins….bleach by any chance? I have to go check them out!

  6. YES. I love to craft and not crapt. Or I try to anyways...

  7. Ha! Had to put down my knitting needles to type this...almost done with my creepy plastic doll dress toilet paper holder. Question...Do you think the beer can purse would work with Coors Lite cans? I am more of a silver bullet color palette...

  8. I'm proud to say that I love to craft! But, I prefer to think of it as "handmade chic." :-)

    And those are some seriously horrendous (ahem, I mean *taste-specific*) items that she found. Yikes - that doll terrifies me!

  9. I love seeing good crafts. I do think that lots of them out there should never have happened. The ones you show are fantastic!

  10. Love Ashley and how she brings class to craft!!

  11. On my way to see more of her lovely wares!! Thanks Elizabeth for the feature!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. I think my mom made a pullover vest just like that Budweiser thing with a Schlitz can as a joke, when I was a kid. I feel that no-sew fleece has a place in Halloween costumes only. Pretty crafts rule!

  13. Good crafts are awesome. Your examples of bad crafting had me giggling a little bit. That doll thing is out of control.

  14. I was cracking up! Thanks for introducing me to her. GREAT post. I love a good craft and hate crafp. I think the crappy crafts are what make me cringe when acquaintances who know I'm a designer say that I'm crafty. Any thoughts on that?


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