January 24, 2014

fess up friday - powell brower

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my hand. Being a one handed mamma isn't easy, especially with so many zippers to zip and hands to stuff in tiny gloves, but the hubs is properly babying me and I'll be back in fighting shape soon. 

So in the mean time enjoy a little Fess Up fun with my girl Bethany from Powell Brower at Home. Bethany is a woman of many talents, including a successful design business she runs with mom Nancy, another full time job, dog training and general awesomeness. And on top of all that she just happens to crack me up most of the time. And we all know how much I love funny people. Let's see what she has to fess up about...

I love what Elizabeth is cooking up with the Fess Up Fridays so I am thrilled to fess up today!  Thanks, E! Apparently I have a few things to get off my chest because I have two fess ups, one design related and one not.  Let's start with the latter.

This actually may come as no surprise to those closest to me (ahem, Mom) but I hate talking on the phone.  Hate.

I live at my desk and look at this clutter!  I basically live on the phone for work, so I hate to answer it afterhours.  Texts and email have become such an efficient way to communicate and I have started to prefer them.  I've come to think of phone calls as the bearers of bad news -- an unwanted request I have a hard time fielding or a certain satellite radio company calling about my subscription every.single.day.  When I commuted to and from work, I relied so heavily on the phone to ease my boredom.  Now, I'd rather save my chats for in-person or weekends. I am a type-A, bubbly extrovert and while I am quite chatty, I find that coupled with the hyper-connectivity of the world, I am left feeling like I want to unplug and recharge my batteries.  I just want to be unreachable for a little while.  Although if you were to ask my husband and mom, I'm sure they'd confer I already am. 

Tell me...do you like the phone? Do you prefer to text or talk? Is it just my generation? I used to think my hipster brother, on the cusp of a different generation, was more likely to side-button a phone call. Now I find it's me!  

Next secret...

I heart a good karate chopped pillow.  I know some decorators hate them and I can see where they are obnoxious at times.  I find myself coveting structure because I live in a world full of down-fill fails.  We're a one-sofa-household and that poor thing has been lounged on and squashed half to death by my husband and three dogs!  Thankfully, I get about 8 hours of karate-chopped bliss with my euro shams every day.  But for all other areas of the house, it's usually misshapen and disheveled land. 

How about you? Do you "hi-yah" your pillows?


  1. I can see how talking on the phone gets to be too much. Especially when you are on the phone all day long. I also agree that texting can be really efficient. And yeah, I chop my pillows too. That guy in the video has way too much time on his hands.

  2. Bethany, I am with you on the phone!! I love to chat in real life but talking on the phone - not my favorite! I love your desk and chair - that looks like the perfect blogging spot!

  3. I drive myself crazy re-chopping the pillows on my couch about 257 times a day! And I am with ya, although I am totally social I really hate talking on the phone. I will take text any day! Have a good weekend girls!

  4. i always forget and then take all my pictures and think..... oooh i shoulda chopped that! maybe i should make a shirt for nancy that says "yeah, i'd chop that."

  5. I am a fan of the "chop"! And the video ... my fingers don't/can't move like that!! Happy Friday Elizabeth and Bethany! xo

  6. At home I'm too busy, but I chat on the phone with girlfriends and my mom the second I get in my car alone, we have too much to say for a text! : )

  7. I hate talking on the phone too! But sometimes I find myself wearing my Bluetooth in my ear at home so I can multitask and get my conversations done at the same time! And , yes I heart a karate chop too!

  8. Hi! I don't "chop" my pillows but I understand how you feel about your couch being all "frumpled" up. I always wanted Pottery Barn couches and I finally got them. They are comfy, but you have to fluff up the cushions and pillows each and every time you sit on them! How is it that hundreds of people visit the Pottery Barn stores and sit on their display couches and they look amazing?

  9. I hate the phone, too. Bethany is right on about it being the bearer of bad news. Although, so few of my friends call anymore that it is kind of exciting when I see one of their names pop up on my phone. No karate-chop here, though; I'm a plumper.

  10. Oh how I love a good karate chop! Is it rude to chop friends pillows when they leave the room? Yikes...I just cant help myself!

  11. I'm starting to like less and elss talking on the phone....But I think its so important to know when to call or when to email. I think a lot of people are forgetting about all the confusion that comes from misinterpreting emails....but I totally get it. And yes to the karate chop!!

  12. I like a chopped pillow... but my kids always mess them up, so most of the time I just give up and leave them "kid-styled". (And I hate the phone. I like Skype much better - except that my mom can actually see when I roll my eyes...)

  13. I'm with you on the phone... Although I do love long chats and "phone dates" with my parents, Grandmother, and out of town girlfriends. But generally speaking, for day-to-day communication, text or email is my preference. BTW, does that sign on your bulletin board say "Please send Queso"?? I sooo need one of those! I literally inhale it by the bowl-full every time we head home to Texas for a visit!

    The Glam Pad

  14. I far prefer talking on the phone because I usually have questions that need answers that in turn will create other questions, so the interaction is necessary in order to be truly efficient handling everything all at once.

    E-mail and texts are great if I'm running late or confirming a meeting. Other than that, I'd rather have a phone call when it comes to business.

    And as far as friends go, I definitely want the phone. I text people that I am not that close to as a way of checking in to say hello, but no real desire to spend time with them.

    And… I still karate chop my pillows too. But then again, I have others that just need a good pounding and fluffing to get them back into their original shape.

    Have a great weekend:)

  15. Not a fan of talking on the phone either; maybe it's because I usually have screaming kids in the background? Hiya is what I say before I karate chop my pilliows! Lovely fess up session Bethany!

  16. Totally with you on the phone thing AND the pillow thing.

  17. Karate-chopped pillows for life! Okay, maybe I'm not THAT committed, but I do like fluffy pillows and am guilty of refluffing the pillows and smoothing out the sofa cushions every time my husband gets up from the sofa. It might be a problem...


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