May 9, 2014

fess up friday - kim macumber interiors

Before we get to today's Fess Up I want to thank each and every one of you who visited on reveal day for the One Room Challenge and each of you who commented. I was so overwhelmed by all of your sweet comments. You do a girl good my friends!

Today's Fess Up Friday guest is my lovely friend Kim from Kim Macumber Interiors. I always love my conversations with Kim because she is such a calming and supportive force in this little blog world we live in. Those qualities on top of her amazing design career and her eye for style is why I'm excited to say, Kim... Fess Up!

Happy Friday my friends … I am thrilled that Elizabeth asked me to join in on Fess Up Friday.
It's about my struggles with Illusion and coming to terms with why I blog!

Well, okay … here you go.

Why do you blog? Don asks me occasionally.

Don: Do you get business from it? Me: mmm. No.
Don: Does it make you money? Me: mmm. No.

Don: It's a lot of work … what do you get from it? 
Me: I like the friendships and inspiration.

I will go out on a limb and state that I am probably not the only one who feels this way.

Blogging has given me a network of like minded women and men.  Who love design, to change things up, to create a beautiful life … for ourselves, our families and our clients and readers.  Also, working for yourself sometimes is lonely.  I feel as if I have a team with me on a daily basis through blogging.

So then the real question to myself.

Am I:

1.  A Blogger who Designs?

2.  A Designer who Blogs?


I am a designer who blogs, which took the ownness off of having to blog everyday. … so I have given myself a little leeway and sometimes only get one or two posts up a week.  My goal is 3.  But it is a self - inflicted goal.  No one is judging me or paying/not paying if I don't. Incredible amount of freedom if we let ourselves believe it.

But I will tell you … It's the Behind the Scenes that I have enjoyed and find most fulfilling.

Everyone posts such gorgeous photos … but there is so much more going on in the background of all of our photos and lives.

I happen to be in the Sandwich Gap.  Taking care of my 87 year old father, which could be a full time job.  Taking care of our four children.  Erin just out of college.  Callie in her first year at College.  Christopher about to head into his senior year in High School and Sammy beginning High School next year.

You all can relate to the prayers and time and effort to keep these people safe, making right decisions, keeping them healthy, hoping the guidance you gave them will ring in their ears when they are on their own.  Not being able to fall asleep at night until you hear the last one come in and come to say goodnight.  And a Father who now needs me physically more than the kids do … Doctors appointments, dentist appointments, medical needs, things I couldn't have imagined.

And through the Behind the Scenes lives of bloggers (like me) it might in reality look like this …

But we carve out a special vignette.  Just like we all carve out a special moment in our day to live and soak in the blessings.
A vignette that delights our senses and keeps us moving.

It's the client projects, the rearranging of furniture and painting kitchen cabinets and Challenges like Linda's ORC that keep me sane.  The friendships that develop through commenting that connect me to beautiful people like Elizabeth. 

Blogging has saved me time and money in a therapist office … through my projects, the pretty vignettes and the friendships along the way.  So when the real vision isn't quite so pretty … I know where to go to feel refreshed.

That, my sweet friends, is why I blog!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Here here Kim! So well said. So, if you are a blogger, why do you blog? And if you are a reader, why do you read (blogs)?


  1. So so true. I feel the same way. It's so much work but in a strange way it keeps me sane and connected.

  2. Well said, Kim!!! Exactly why I blog as well - though I only post once a week and sometimes less :( No matter how busy I am, I always look forward to writing a new post or visiting other blogs for inspiration, ideas, friendship and more. Cheers!

  3. Aww I love this post Kim & Elizabeth!! I frequently ask myself this same question……I think I love the sharing aspect of blogging the most. I find most design/diy bloggers are less "look at me and my accomplishments, my house is so fabulous" but more this is how you can get the look, here are my sources, this is what is new in the design world, here is a great designer you should check out. That sense of community and helping each other is so positive, I love that. It's also a fun and lighthearted escape from the heavier issues we all face. I'm with you Kim in that sandwich gap and blogging is certainly a fun diversion from responsibilities! Adore both your blogs and you two talented fabulous inspiring bloggers!!

  4. this was such a beautiful well thought out and well written post. i think sometimes we just need those tiny little vignettes of happiness and pretty things to help us get through our day to day struggles.

  5. Elizabeth, thanks for getting Kim to "fess up" I can so relate to her words, she captured my own thoughts and feelings about blogging! If you keep your eyes open, this little blogosphere is a place to find friends and encouragement as well as those who you can relate to. I love that about it!

  6. Thanks for having me Elizabeth!! This is an amazing community and I love playing a part in it! xo

  7. Perfectly said and GREAT POST!!!!! We are all so fortunate to be in this sorority of design friends who have so much in common, yet understand and support each other and all that goes on behind the scenes! Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day! xo Nancy

  8. Oh I love this!! I think Kim is a person I would like to get to know. So sweet...and exactly how I feel.

  9. A well written post! Reading or writing blogs (sharing inspirations) is a great way to escape the harsh realities in life. Meeting like-minded people, getting inspired and establishing friendships is an added bonus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kim! I guess most design bloggers feel the same way! :)

    Happy Mother's Day!


  10. Lovely Kim! Blogging is so therapeutic and I love reading Kim's blog :)

  11. Beautifully stated! Kim you put into words what many feel.
    Thank you....

  12. Kim, what an honor to be featured on LBD! You hit home in your feature! I get the same question(s) all the time from my husband, and most recently from my mother-in-law: What makes someone a professional blogger? How do they get paid? As a wedding and event planner and interior designer at heart, blogging is my way of showcasing my work! It's my portfolio of my life's work. So many times I have wanted to pull my hair out because my two little girls are screaming, crying, or broke something in the midst of a post/work. However, nothing could compare to 4 kids and having to take care of your father! Ditto to ORC and building friendships of inspiration!

  13. Great post, Elizabeth! I was lucky enough to have a lovely lunch with Kim just recently and we had a blast! Not only is she a super talented designer but she's a lovely, lovely person! xo

  14. What a nice post Kim! Well-written and well-said.... and you articulated exactly how I feel about blogging so thank you!

  15. That was a lovely little read. Kim, your realness is so incredibly disarming and I am so pleased to have "met" you. Keep up the great work!

  16. This was so well written and speaks to so many of us. I feel like I have an extended group of friends through blogging. It's been so nice to connect with other people with similar interests and personalities. Reminds me of my childhood pen pals (God I'm old!). I get so much inspiration from others and the confidence to try things that I normally would have shied away from.

  17. I loved captured all of our thoughts on why we blog! Thanks for sharing...I couldn't of said it better!

  18. What a great post! Well said, Kim. I've had the same conversation with my husband, and myself :)

  19. This is really interesting. It is like we have a group of friends all interested in what Kim says
    "Making the World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time." I have been fortunate enough to get business from blogging…when I moved from Southern California to Northern…readers contacted me…and now my business is growing with referrals…making starting over in a new place easier.

    Nice to get to know Kim a little better through this…she is a great mom and daughter.

  20. I blog because it started as a creative outlet...somewhere where I could write and share and design and dream. It's continued to be that creative outlet and has changed over the years as Kirby and I have grown and changed ourselves. But that is what makes it wonderful. It's an evolving project. Hope to keep it that way. :)

  21. Love both your and Kim's blog but just FYI...ownness is spelled onus. And I read blogs because they are so inspiring and in some odd little way I feel like I am getting a note or an email from a friend. And I blog just for fun.


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