August 18, 2014

happy new years eve

I know the calendar says otherwise, but the first day of school always feels like the start of the new year to me. A fresh start. It is always an exciting time of year. And since tomorrow Amelia starts 1st grade (which she told me meant she was no longer the baby of the school) that means today is New Years Eve!

So we will celebrate.

Get a few last hours of pool time in

and soak up every last minute of this beautiful summer. It has been a great one and we are all sad for it to end.

I also want to say that although this isn't a place where I usually discuss politics or social issues it is hard for me not to say something about what has been going on in this town that I love. It has been a hard week for everyone in St. Louis and if you pray, meditate or whatever has meaning to you, I ask that you send positive energy and reconciliation to my neck of the woods. This isn't a regional problem but a national issue and I'm hopeful that something positive will come from what seems so incomprehensible.

May the New Year bring new beginnings.


  1. Elizabeth
    Love the pictures of your sweet girls! And my baby starts first grade next week too....sniff, sniff.
    And sending prayers over to St. Louis, hoping for a peaceful resolution .

  2. Gosh i didn't even think about you living in the midst of all of that turmoil :( Enjoy your last day!

  3. Happy New Years indeed! I can't wait until Izzy starts next week!!!

  4. Your girls are so adorable - here's to soaking up every last bit of summer!

  5. Your girls are sooo cute. I hope re-entry goes well and is a total success! Sending prayers for these unsettled times in your neck of the woods. xo Nancy

  6. Happy New (School) Year! Can you even STAND how adorable your little girls are? I mean seriously. Beautiful and spunky looking. Yes I am praying for your neck of the woods for sure.

  7. Those two, I can't stand the cuteness!! Enjoy your New Year's celebration! :)

  8. Your daughter's are so adorable!!! Good luck on their first day!

    Sending prayers your way.

  9. My babies headed off to school last week, which of course means itll be christmas before we know it, and in another blink of the eye itll be 2015!. I cant believe i have a 2nd ans 7th grader now. Enjoy these last moments of summer vacay. Your city is in my thoughts and heart, love.

  10. Your girls are just so adorable! Hope you all enjoyed the last little bit of summer! Oh and I'm so sorry about the unrest in your city! It's heartbreaking. Lots of love and positive energy coming your way from across the pond xxx

  11. So absolutely adorable! Love that you call it the new year...totally feels like it and I think I'm stealing that sentiment! Happy New Year and Good Luck!!


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