October 31, 2014

fess up friday - krystine from living pretty styled

I'm here..barely.  I've been sick. Sick as a dog. But luckily I've got my dear friend Krystine from Living Pretty Styled with a Fess Up Friday that will have me feeling better in no time.  Thanks Krystine for coming over, you know how to make a sick girl feel better.  Now, Fess Up!

So I have to confess, I'm a big confessor!  It's my Catholic upbringing and doing weekly confessionals.  The anxiety those would cause me!  But, now I confess things out loud and some times in public way too often.

Like one night recently my girlfriends came over to keep me company & drink wine while my husband traveled.  Well, they came over and left fairly early.  And for whatever reason I had this crazy boost of energy so I downloaded some new tunes, turned on the surround sound and had my own dance party in the den in front of the mirror for close to 45 minutes.  Everyone does that right?

Ok the big confession, I give myself total anxiety and stress myself out over projects & design challenges.  I procrastinate and then a week out before the project is due I whip it together like mashed potatoes or something like that.  I work better under time crunch and last minute because if I have too much time to think about things I over analyze, second guess and question my decisions obsessively.

Another big confession, I actually was born and raised in NJ until I was 15, but I try not to share that a lot with people down south b/c they get funny about northerners ;-) The one's that find out let me slide because I've been in South Carolina 20 years. 

This one I haven't confessed out loud. I'm a smother mother.  I love my kiddos more than I can explain.  I mean I'm stern and try my best to raise them right.  But, I'm also fun and chill and we jump on the beds and I totally over kiss their faces.  (oh the shame)

I speak Polish fluently and I like to aggravate my husband by making him think I'm talking about him to my family because he can't understand!

OK last one.  I'm a huge tom boy.  I grew up playing sports, beating all the boys in everything and being overly competitive.  I still have that competitive drive but it's more competition with myself to prove to myself that I can do something that I didn't think I could. Oh and even though I am tom boy, I LOVE dressing up.

If you need to hear anymore confessions you will have to fly down to Charleston, have a glass of wine with me or a grayhound.  

Thanks for having me Elizabeth!!!


  1. i would not have figured you to be a tomboy! and i love you even more knowing you have northern roots. :)

  2. Love that Krystine spilled her guts on fess up Friday :) She's a gem!

  3. Polish!! Impressive. Love both you ladies.

  4. those are some good ones...don't worry about them for sure!

  5. Fellow guilty Catholic and design self-doubter! We should start a club!

  6. Thank you Elizabeth for having me! This was so fun! Great series!! Feel better soon! xoxo

  7. I'm a smother mother too! This is a fave of the series for me!

  8. how fun!! This was a good one Kristine! I love dance parties like that! I cannot believe you were a tomboy! I would have never guessed. I hope you feel better Elizabeth!

  9. I do dance parties by myself as well. Totally get it!
    And talking about my husband in German to my family doesn't work anymore. He understands almost everything :(


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