November 21, 2014

fess up friday - driven by decor

Raise your hand if you are shocked that Thanksgiving is in less than a week! Only me? Luckily I have a great Fess Up Friday to distract me from the fact that I'm not near holiday ready. Today my dear Kris from Driven by Decor is here for a bit of a confession. I love reading Kris's blog because I always get to the end of the post and say to myself "Now why didn't I think of that?!" Kris has no shortage of genius ideas and she's got the style and skills to back it up. She's all around aces in my book and I have a feeling she'll have something good to share. So Kris, Fess Up!

Hi everyone - I'm Kris from Driven by Decor, here to bring in the weekend by spilling my guts on Little Black Door. I've got to work my way into the mother of all embarrassing fess-ups so let's go with a little house confession first, ok? If you're a Driven by Decor reader, you may have noticed that there's an always-closed door at the far end of our living room. Ever wonder what's behind it?

Driven by Decor - Living Room (with arrow)

Well, grab your sunglasses and prepare for the blinding red glare because we're going in...

Entering into family room

I hope you brought your shopping basket because you've just entered my personal home accessory shop (aka our ugly, undecorated family room):

Family Room Overview

Here's the backstory - we were lucky enough to have one day of unpacking services included in the relocation package for our recent move and I asked the ladies who were helping us unpack to put any accessories on the shelves in the "red room". I guess there was a type-A personality in the group because at the end of the day I had shelves filled with accessories that were grouped together by type - a shelf full of books, a shelf full of glassware, etc. Of course I had plans to paint this room ASAP and style up those shelves all pretty but then I realized how awesome it was to shop this room's categorized shelves while I redecorated the rest of our house.

So when I'm looking for a bottle or other piece of glassware to decorate the kitchen? Bookcase 1, left side, shelf 3:

Glass bottles on shelves

How about a selection of candlesticks for the fireplace mantel? Bookcase 2, left side, shelf 1:

Candlesticks on shelves

Needing a pretty base for the bedroom? There's six on Bookcase 2, middle, shelf 1:

vases on shelves

Yep, the convenience of being able to easily find and grab accessories as I've decorated the rest of our house has resulted in this ugliness sticking around way longer than the "I just moved in" excuse covers. Look for an overhaul in 2015...

So now that the whole "ugly personal accessory shop behind the closed door" thing has been revealed, I'm ready to wrap up with one final fess-up. I have a talent for speaking an extremely
strangeexotic language that's pretty rare to come by. Yes my friends, I'm fluent in Ewok.


When the Return of the Jedi came out, my dorky 10-year-old self thought it would be fun to learn the words to the Ewok Celebration song (aka "Yub Nub"). And to this day, I remember all of the words (including the full Ewok rap at the end) and have maybe even been talked into rapping it out Ewok-style once I've gotten a margarita (or three) under my belt. Yep, I'm just that cool.

Thanks (I think...) Elizabeth for having me and hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Oh I love your bookcase, I think I would just keep it that way and shop.

  2. It's like your own personal Homegoods store! Love it! Those shelves are great, though, and I'm sure will be fun to really style them. Thanks for sharing your secrets Kris!

  3. Oh Kris this is confession gold!! I don't know what I laughed harder at- the vision of you rapping or that Type A styling :)

  4. I would keep that door OPEN! hilarious

  5. OMG!!! Kris, can I please come over to shop in your store!!? That is hysterical and what a great space...I can only imagine what greatness you will come up with in there. And Ewok??? I have no words, but my two star wars obsessed boys would be highly impressed! ;) Nice one Elizabeth! I think this is my favorite series!!!

  6. That's so funny, "Yub Nub"!

  7. That room has such cool bones!!! Love that ceiling! And how fun to have all the goodies there. Now I know :)

  8. i LOVED this! and seriously- that's the worst space you've got? oh girl... you just come poke around here.

  9. Silly girl that wasn't bad at all!! Great pieces in there!

  10. Too funny! I just love Kris and her blog...she is so talented! This will be such a great space once you work your magic.

  11. That's impressive, Kris…I would love to hear you sing the Ewok Celebration song!!! And shop your accessories!

  12. Hey, Kris...anyone who can speak/sing ewok is a-okay in my book! Care to make a recording? ;)

  13. Great confession! Would never have guessed about the ewok rap. Lol. Can't wait to see your plans for this room next year.

  14. That ceiling in your room! And I'd love to hear you rap ewok-style

  15. Is it weird that I'm totally jealous of this confession?! Oh to have the space to store all my stuff like that!! Instead, I rifle through boxes in my attic and get covered in spiders and dust. This is way more glamorous. xxx


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