December 5, 2014

fess up friday - a home full of color

My favorite day of the week has arrived. And not a moment too soon. Why does the week after a holiday always seem to drag on and on? I'm also excited for today because I'm thrilled to have Shavonda from A Home Full of Color over. Shavonda and I come from the same world when it comes to design and I always look forward to seeing what she does because so often I think, "that's exactly what I would do." And I've loved following her progress as she and her family took the plunge into a smaller (three cheers for small living) home and have been working their tails off to make it their own. I just love her. And to top it all off, I so agree with her Fess Up. See for yourself!

Hi Everyone! For those of you who don't "know" me, I'm Shavonda and I blog over at A Home Full Of Color. I'm BEYOND excited to be here today. I absolutely love Elizabeth and her Fess Up Friday series is one of my favorite things ever. I've been low key hoping and wishing I could take part in it so when I got the invite I immediately responded with a "Hell Yeah, I'm in!".

Ok so lets get to the nitty gritty shall we. Gosh I feel like I'm watching a torrid episode of Maury and we are just waiting to hear if the boyfriend's uncle's cousin's brother's next door neighbor is or isn't the father!
Ok so here goes.....I'm fessin up to being a total and complete HYPOCRITE. I blog about creating spaces on a budget and I'll give a major side eye and an "#aintnobodygottimeforthat" to a full priced side chair from Restoration Hardware, but put me face to face with a pair of these:
Untitled #2

Or one of these:

Untitled #2

and I'm done for. Designer shoes and handbags are my weakness and I'll gladly spend big bucks on em. I don't dive into fashion very much on my blog, but I love it almost as much as I love interiors...almost. Its kind of ridiculous...I mean there I am rummaging through the clearance aisle at target while carrying a $350 handbag. #dontjudge

Now don't get me wrong, my design approach is completely based on a splurge and save foundation so I will incorporate expensive pieces into my interiors as well, I just always feel I need to rationalize those purchases. When it comes to shoes and handbags I don't. I just do it quite simply because they are gorgeous and I like em.

So who's with me? Any other closet couture hoarders out there? Come out come out wherever you are!

Thanks so much for having me Elizabeth. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go check on my ebay bids.


  1. Ha Ha! Love your logic, Shavonda, and I totally agree! I'll furnish my whole house from CL and thrift stores, but there's just something about a great bag...

    1. Right!? I knew youd understand Jennifer;)

  2. Oh I have to admit, I have a few secrets too. I carry my LV tote almost every single day and my CC is my go to for any dress up outing. Love, love, love them and worth the money for sure.

  3. Totally Agree!!! A great classic handbag will never go out of style. That said, I too get a little embarrassed while shopping at Target with a designer handbag - I even switch it out sometimes beforehand, hahaha ;)

  4. I am probably even more thrifty when it comes to shoes and bags, but storage. Ahhh storage. We officially do not have a budge for storage around here :)

  5. ha ha! i love it! :) i am not a fashionista (as you saw at haven, shavonda!) but i can appreciate this about my stylish friends and just be the plain jane with my not so pricey duds and accessories.

  6. I love a great bag and shoes, and have had my LV for years, but I also have a few knock offs! :)

  7. I think it's clearly the only right and smart thing to do! My mother always said, invest in "good quality shoes"...I think Jimmy Choos fall into that category right?

  8. What a great post!! You'll find me scouring CL, clearance isles in TJ Maxx/Homegoods, thrift stores, and estate sales for our little home, but LOVE a great handbag! Nearly every special occasion my husband asks "Another handbag?" I even added Ebay gift card to my Christmas "list"...of course for a handbag or wallet :)

  9. Ha ha #wontjudge! I am the total opposite and won't spend anything on clothing. But I think my way is even more illogical because I scoff at spending more than $50 on a purse but yet I will go in Forever 21 and spend $200 without blinking an eye.

  10. I used to be like that when I'd still go out every weekend but now...naahhh but I can see you, my sweet friend Shavonda wearing all those fabulous shoes and purses.

  11. Muwaah! love you Shavonda! I'm laughing so hard at this. You have amazing taste in shoes. What size shoe are you because I think I'm due for a visit with your closet, errr I mean with you.


  12. Seriously Shavonda is one of my favorites and now I think I might like her even more and it’s because we share the same secret! My husband totally makes fun of me when I go thrift shopping or to garage sales cause I’m always toting my newest prettiest handbag!! It’s an addiction but I agree with Shavonda that it’s ok cause we got such good deals on our house stuff!! (:


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