February 3, 2015

what's on your...bathroom vanity

Hey everybody! I'm a little late to the game today - my computer had a tantrum and then I had a photo shoot. The dog ate my homework and there was traffic. Any other excuses I can think of? :)

At any rate, I'm here and happy to have a sun filled day in these parts. I'm still recovering from Nashville and I promise to give you the play by play on that amazing trip soon, but for today I'm joining my friend Sarah at 702 Park Project for her new series, 'What's on your...'. So if you are from one of the other wonderful blogs participating, welcome!

As some of you might know my bathroom is...compact. (how's that for diplomatic) So aside from some hand soap for the girls, I'm not really in possession of any bathroom real estate for my goodies, so instead I use my bedside table. #smallhouseproblems

Many of you have seen this table a time or two before, and admittedly it is always changing but there are a few staples that never leave.
- Flowers - OK, the flowers do change because eww, dead flowers by your bed wouldn't lead to sweet dreams. I go as fragrant as possible in this spot, hyacinth, peonies etc. to ensure a flowery deep breath to start my day.
- Candle from K Hall Designs - They have the best scents, their candles last forever and when you are done you have a beautiful hobnail container for, wait for it, your flowers! It all comes back to flowers people.
- And speaking of people, I keep pictures of my people close by as well as whatever stack of books I'm skimming reading at the time.

On top of my books is my tray that keeps all of my 'if I had a big vanity' things.

1. Eos lip balm. Holy softness! I'm highly addicted to this stuff. If you don't have it yet, you should. I put it on every night before bed, and about 100 times thru out the day. That and a bit of mascara is most often my 'beauty regime'. I also have their lotion. Aces.

2. Rubber bands. Necessary for long hair, taking it off after washing my face is the last thing I do before rolling over to go to sleep each night.

3. Essie No Chips Ahead. I put this on every two or three nights to keep my manicures in tact as long as possible. This stuff works like a charm.

4. Whatever jewelry I had on that day.

5. Flowers. I can't say it enough (apparently). Flowers everywhere.

So that's my pseudo vanity. Be sure to check out all of these other lovely ladies for a peak into their vanities.

What do you keep on your vanity? Do you have as many vanity items by your bed as you do in your bathroom? Did you play a drinking game with the word 'flowers' while reading this post? If not, I think you should start over again and play.


  1. Such a lovely space! Thanks for joining in...I promise not to say too many nasty things about you for being late. (Just kidding!!) :)

  2. I think what's on a girl's vanity is so romantic and feminine, no matter what those things are

  3. Ha, I try to shove it all under the vanity.

  4. Love their lip balm! I have two stuffed in my purse right now. I need to try the no chip stuff. I usually forego nail polish because I can't stand the chips.

  5. I happen to have Sarah's book on mine! :)

  6. This is a good reminder that I need to start buying fresh flowers again! My bedside table is usually covered in half-drunk glasses of water - I have a bad habit!

  7. ...compact! HA. I love it and i loved this post. Im over here on #teamlivesmall with you love so my bathroom is like no product land, too. I keep pretty much the same things on my bedside as you do yours. I also throw in Burts Bees cuticle balm. What a great series:)

  8. I knew you were my soul sister.....No Chips Ahead is my jam. I gave it to my besties for Christmas one year along with my other Essie fave, Good To Go - do you have it? Quick dries polish, which is a must when you do your nails 5 minutes before you run out the door or hop into bed :) Only you can make your beside STUFF look so pretty. Love the silver tray, stack of books, cute babies and fresh flowers!

  9. Love your bedside table! And your bathroom! Also totally feel you on the small house problems. No Chips Ahead is great--I was actually planning to put it on in just a bit before I go swim!

  10. Your bathroom is wonderful....(even if it is on the small side). It has classic touches that I wish I had in my builder grade home. And..that tray is just adorable. So glad you are apart of this series!

  11. A small bathroom means it's easy to clean, so I consider you very lucky! I love the flowers you have an totally agree it's so nice to wake up to the smell, but they would be eaten the second I turned my back on them {I actually had a small tree on my vanity once but that was eaten too!}

  12. Awww your bedside table is so pretty! I love that little fancy tray :) I don't have a vanity in my bathroom either (in fact, I reckon mine is smaller than yours!) - and all my stuff is basically scattered around my 'girl cave' (wait, that sounded weird - you know what I meant though RIGHT?) xxx

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  14. I don't get much space on the vanity as my girlfriend has laid claim to most of that space. That being said, I am glad she keeps her lip balm there as I am always sneaking in a bit when I can. It's true, that stuff is highly addictive, even for guys.

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing


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