December 12, 2011

good enough to eat

I crafted! And no one cried or threw up (a measuring stick for all disasters in our family).

We always get fresh boxwood wreaths to hang on the french doors in our dinning room. But this year, I thought I would try something a bit more fun and something that would last (knock on wood) from year to year. Namely this...
via Pinterest
I read a few tutorials and thought it sounded so easy that I could out smart the foam wreath and go with a cheaper wire wreath. I got my supplies, plugged in my glue gun and started wrapping my wreath.

Wrapping the wire form in duck tape, I got about one row of peppermints on before I proved my crafting ignorance. You silly crafting fool. It was ugly, mis-shapen and the wire wasn't holding up as those little candies were getting heavy. Bust.

I took off my sad first row in disgust before I got a picture taken

So, I printed off a Michael's coupon, sucked it up and bought foam wreaths (I believe they were 16"). The tape went on a lot better and I had a more stable, flat surface to work on. After that it was easy. As long as you have several episodes of RHOBH or Sarah's House DVR'd and a crafting partner you are in good shape.
My crafting partner

Several hours later...ta-dah! 

I'm thrilled. It was easy, relatively cheap and looks great. 

I will say I highly recommend covering the wreath with duct tape first. Some tutorials glued the peppermint directly onto the foam. You will have gaps between the candies and the red background looks more finished. And the glue holds onto the tape a lot better as well. 

Also worth noting, this project uses a LOT of peppermints. Thank god I have a dollar store down the street as I had to use 7 bags for 2 wreaths.

So for less than $20 bucks I've got two wreaths I can pull out year after year (and they smell minty fresh). Have you tried any new projects lately? Holiday or otherwise? Share!

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